Rebuilding a Benz Ebony H: Who can do it?

I have an Benz Ebony H cartridge that needs a retip and some other work. I was hoping to send it to Benz for a rebuild, but they have discontinued their rebuilding program, because they are just too busy. I was really disappointed to hear about this, so now I am looking for another company/craftsman to rebuild this cartridge. Does anyone know who might be able to do this? I know that SoundSmith can do it, but I am wondering what the results will be? I want the cartridge performing to original specs and performance, if possible. Are there other cartridge rebuilders I should consider?
When you bought this you were offered a rebuild program as part of the purchase consideration.
You should be able to get a replacement cartridge for the cost of a rebuild if they cannot rebuild it as advertised when you bought it.
I bought it used, so that would not apply.
You can try Axel ( In the MM thread
there are many satisfy customer me included. He speaks English so you can e-mail him.
Why don't you ask Garth who he can recommend.. They have always been helpful.
Stringreen, that is a great idea. I will email Garth right now.
Thanks for suggesting it.