Rebuild or new cartridge with my zeta tonearm

Hey all,

im refurbishing my Gyrodec with Zeta tonearm. I have a Sumiko Talisman Virtuoso B . It needs a new stylus and possible rebuild from Soundsmith. My question:

is it better to rebuild the Sumiko or get a new cart? What carts would you recommend within tonearm? 
Thanks in Advance
I'm going to agree with Chakster on this one. I would never buy one and I have never had a cartridge re tipped. There is always the desire to try something new.
Elliot if you read the specs on Ortofons they do not look particularly great but several of their cartridges are world class. I guarantee you that the transient response, tracking and dynamic impact are all superior to the Sumiko beside being within budget and meshing with his tonearm.
Because it was posted after my recommendation for a refurbished Decca, I get all my Deccas worked on by the London designer/builder himself, John Wright. So in this case, the refurbs are good as new.
Denon 301 or Sumiko BluePoint S model. I have both and they both are very fine, sweet-sounding cartridges. The Denon is a bit more laid-back
Considering the fact that Zeta belongs to heavy arms the right 
question would be ''which cart from Low compimance and low
otput kinds is preferable for this arm?  BTW excelent arm for
low compliance MC kinds with chakster argument added :
 low price. 
no retip? I understand hesitancy, but it is often done, that seller seems deep into it, and returns accepted, so I might risk it.

 just listened to this

It went from amazing to stunning with the AT33PTG/II