Rebuild or New?

I’ve been thinking it’s time for a new amp. I have a Carver 200t Magnetic I bought new in 1987. I’ve run the hell out of it. No joke, there has got to be thousands of hours on this thing. It’s never failed me at all. I wonder though, after years of use, could degradation with the electronic parts have slowly, imperceptibly, colored the sound?

A friend told me two things are the enemy of electronics, vibration and heat. So, I have to wonder.

Am not sure but can these things be rebuilt with newer components? Or, should I just get a new amp?
If you still like the sound,why bother?
A 20 year old amp is due for at least an electrolytic capacitor replacement. It's like running a car on 20 year old tires. The problem is finding somebody to do it for a reasonable price.
I don't know. In a sense, I would think it is time to do some work on it. But then again, if it works fine and sounds great,it migt not really be necessary.
Few ss amps from 1987 compare favorably with current designs and parts, and that Carver is not one of them.
Caps, especially powersupply electrolytics age....poorly.
Look up 'roland' who is an acknowledged Carver guru. His e-mail address is in my other confuser, long gone. There are some proprietary parts which may be tough to find as well.
Are you in the mood to upgrade to an M400t? I've got one sitting in the garage and I don't suppose I'll ever get around to shipping it off and coming up with an application once fixed. I used it from new, also mid/late 80s, and just retired it in '07.
I,m in the same boat with my old KRELL KMA 400,s. can any one enlighten me on the worth of doing a complete service and upgade
In my opinion,unless there is a nostalgic connection to that particular amp there is better value in the newer technologies.
I decided to go ahead with a complete re-cap on my old KMA 400,s I found a recomended tech in Sydney. Freight is going to cost me $1010.oo and the big caps '12 of them are $245 each, the whole operation will set me back $6000.oo. Am I mad. don,t be to harsh on me ,I,ve already got it in the neck over the BE 20 lead issue, no really I love it, give me heaps
Got my Krells back, they sound great but seem to be running hotter, over 50 degrees celsious.The freight co. mistakenly air freighted them back ,instead of $450[cost to send from north queensland to sydney they tried to slug $4500 I,m having a nervous breakdown for xmas.
You must really like those amps!!!!!!
Now I feel guilty