Rebuild for Fidelity Research FR-1 MK3F...?

My latest "needs repair" project came with a "broken needle," which turned out to be a FR-1 MK3F. Cantilever is snapped off at about the point where it enters the body. I know that a few years ago, there were still a few good men repairing and retipping these-- Do I have any options today?
You can contact the Soundsmith in Peekskill NY.
Mr. Van Den Hul did a superb job rebuilding mine.

Boron cantilever and vdh stylus. Firmed up the bass nice while retaining that wonderful mid/high.

Not sure who the American distributor is?

Have Fun.
has seemingly been more recommendable than vdH. for around 400 bux, a new cantilever, maybe of ruby and a ml or mr stylus might be JUST the thing for the fr.

i have a krell cart that i am seriously considering doing the same with.

i have a nicely working fr1 mkIII in place on my sota/mmt at present.