Reboot or Die?

My Phillips SACD1000 player may be dead. When I turn on the power I get a number of dashes "------" on the screen and a faint repeat clicking sound from the inside of the player.

It will not open or play and none of the control buttons do anything. The remote will not turn the player off or on. As I only paid $399 for it a few years ago so it ain't worth sending off for fixing. Besides, I have read that the chip sets are no longer made or available.

This happened without warning. Working fine one day, like this the next.

My only thought is to somehow reboot the thing. Any ideas how? Or, do I trash it or sell it for parts? I've also wacked it a couple of times but that fix didn't work. LOL
Phillips is known for their transport problems in the industry. It's probably the laser and would be too expensive to repair. You could try cleaning the laser. Do you smoke?
I do not think it is the laser.
First, take the cover off and see if you can move the tray by hand. Leave it unplugged for a day, then try to use it. (after moving the tray by hand.) Put a disc on the tray, working or not, push the tray in place, start it spinning by hand with the power on. see if it reads the disc.
I nonthing works, your player may be not worth fixing. I had a high quality Philips, and all that was wrong was a bad capacitor in the power supply.
It is a good machine, worth investigating. At least open up the cover to look! and inspect the circuit boards for leaking caps.
This particular model is well known for its near 100% failure rate and the fact that Philips refuses to (or is unable to) fix it. The folks who used to modify it can't do anything, because critical parts are unavailable. Sorry, Dave
kee it unplugged for few days. I don't think the laser went though. Seems like a problem elsewhere. It may be fixable. To find out it will cost you whatever the tech charges per hour at your local authorized Philips repair shop. Should not be more than an hour's worth of work to figure out what's wrong.
Whack it harder! Seriously, that made me laugh as I have a similar issue with my Sony DVP-S9000ES and never did try beating on it. It's in a box waiting for me to decide what to do. I may get it out and relieve some frustration.
Chances are, it's the famed MACE or FURORE chip problem. In which case, it's unfixable. I lost two of these machines to it. Good luck!
The issues with this unit are well known and usually involve, IIRC, the Furore and Mace chips. Even if you can find new ones, they will likely fail too. Do a search over at Audio Asylum in the Hi-Rez Highway Forum. Philips washed its corporate hands of this player some time ago. Who knows, though? If you pitch enough of a fit, you might get some money back or credit toward a newer Philips player.
Thanks for the responses. I will open it and see what happens. If that doesn't work I will try dropping it on the floor from my kitchen counter as a final attempt before the trash.
Let me know how that works for ya. I may try it also.