Reasonably prices wires/intrconnects

I am putting a mini system in my home office consisting of PSB mini speakers, receiver and a CD player. I have expensive wires and interconnects for my audiophile system, but I do not want to spend an arm and a leg for the home office system. I would appreciate any suggestions for lower priced wires and interconnects that you might have.
Try this web site at or go with monster cable and wires.They have plenty to choose from for a small system.
Audiogon member Stu Wein, screenname Audioparts sells some very good budget cables of his own design.
There is a survey of the sonics of 12 brands of inexpensive interconnect in the October/November 2002 issue of The Absolute Sound that you might find useful. Includes Audience Maestro, Monster Cable, Siltech, Van den Hul, Straightwire, Kimber, Audio Magic, Audioquest, Tara Labs, Wireworld, Nordost and Synergistic Research; price range from $122 to $250.
for audioquest cables i found hcm audio about the cheapest. i'm running tha pair of aq gr8's in a second(bedroom) system and for a $100 bucks they sound much better then the older aq type 6 i had...
A also like the AQ GR-8 speaker cable sold at HCM audio, perfect inexpensive speaker cable for a 2nd system and sounds fairly nice. They also have seveeral I/C's on sale. Next I would look at the used cables here at Audiogon, I've seen good prices on older stealth and straightwire I/C's.
Check out the cables from Analysis Plus.
try cables don't wear out save some money and
buy some good used cables for the same money as new low level cables
No comprehensive list of inexpensive interconnects and speaker cable is complete without inclusion of the Kimber PBJ interconnect and Kimber 4PR or 4VS speaker cable. The other option you might consider is the HomeGrownAudio Super Silver interconnect (get a used version to save even more money).

I have used the Kimber and HGA products in my small office system, and they filled the bill nicely without costing too much. I acquired all of the system through Audiogon used equipment ads. (The rather eclectic selection of equipment includes: TEAC PD-H500 CD player; Tandberg Troll integrated amp; Sansui analog AM/FM tuner; Krix Equinox speakers; Kimber PBJ interconnect and Kimber 4VS speaker cable.)
Canare mic cables for ICs and their Pro Starquad speakercables are VERY popular with recording engineers for a reason.
Zu cable is selling on e bay at very good prices, their stuff is a little on the stiff side but I think it is great cable for the money (in my system). Tom G
Buy a used cable. You dont have to worry about break-in and they sound much better
I had the same problem, "cost effective" office system at work but what to use for interconnects? The system:

Proton 930 Receiver
Micromega Leader CDP
NHT SuperOne speakers
QED Silver Anniversary Speaker wire
Sennheiser HD600 headphones with Cardas wire (awesome wire)

I picked up Goertz Micropurl 1m interconnects, well made and sound good in my set-up. They can be had for about $50 used.
Just a follow up on Stu Wein's cables. He is retired and makes them himself in his shop in Florida. When Stu was in business, his MAS cables (of all types) were highly recommended by Stereophile, Soundstage, Wadia, and The Cable Company. You are basically getting his new cables for less than he use to charge dealers wholesale.
I AM NOT RETIRED. Just moved to the Florida sun. I supply Neutrik connectors to most of the high end manufacturers, and still continue to sell my mas direct only at really down and dirty cheap prices. I have a philosophy that cables are way overpriced in general and that quality products like the ones I sell direct can hold their own against the best..without mortgaging the house.Again...I am NOT retired...YET.
I bought a pair of MAS Grey interconnects from Stu Wein. The cables definitely made my system sound better, the price was reasonable, and when I had a question he provided a prompt and helpful answer. Price was about $80 for a 1-meter pair terminated with RCA connectors. If I remember right, he also offered MAS Black for $50 per 1M RCA pair. Good stuff!
Take a lokk at, see the reviews at, and try for yourself. I have recently received four differnt of their cables and confirm the most enthusiastic review