Reasonably priced, well matched speaker cables

I'm looking for some recommendations for speaker cables to use with 4 B&W Natutilus 805s + 1 HTM2. Because I'm going to need a 40ft and 30ft length run for my rears speakers, price is a concern, but I don't want to I'm willing to use different cables for my L+R main channels however which will be 12 ft; is this a bad idea? Should the center match the L+R main?

The speakers are all driven by a Rotel 1075 multi-channel amp. 25% multi-channel music, 25% movies, 50% 2 channel audio.

Anyone have an opinion on Silver Sonic T14 line?

As always, cables are quite system dependent. The DH Labs T14s are nice cables for the money, but my impression is that they are rolled off on top and an little veiled in the midrange/lower treble. Although I'm not a big fan of their interconnects (way too bright), I think that Analysis Plus speaker cables are a good value and fairly neutral top to bottom.
A few years ago I replaced Silversonic T14s with Analysis Plus Oval 9s and felt the AP9s presented a fuller, more organic sound. The DH Labs T14s and BL1s I've tried I thought were lean and bright.

As Thsalmon says, cables are very system dependent. Although I liked them, the AP9s have had VERY mixed reviews on Audiogon. But in comparison to the DH Labs they were a definite step up.

I still use T14s for the front channels of my HT, and recently received three long runs of Audience Conductor to replace them. That will be an interesting switch. You might also consider Acoustic Zen Epoch, and Analysis Plus Oval 12.

Good luck.

Thanks very much for the pointers.
I started with Transparent MW100s on my mains, then I tried SignalCables and I couldnt tell much of a difference. Now I have moved to Analysis Plus oval 9 shotgun biwires and yes they are better, but only by a small margin. SignalCables product was outstanding for the money.

I still use Transparent MW100s on the center channel.

For the rears I needed a long run, I used 2 50' spools of OTC Monster cable for these. I added some nice spades and bananas. I am just fine with this setup.

I listen to multichannel SACDs fairly regularly. I dont feel the cheap surround cables give up that much.

I would recommend, especially since you like 2 channel, that you put most of your cable fund on the main L/R. Something like 60% front, 20% center, and 20% surrounds.

Just my 2 cents
Call Joe DePhillips at Discovery Cable. He has some wonderful cables at affordable prices, and will work with you to "customize" lengths, terminations, etc. You will be pleased.
I have a *very* similar system with *very* similar requirements, and I chose the Audioquest GR-8 cables. For the money, you can't beat them.