reasonably priced tube amps

I'm thinking of buying a tube amp to augment a solid state system I intend to buy (naim or ayre) along with the Dynaudio confidence c1s or Sonus Faber auditor Ms. I'm thinking of the Rogue Cronus, the Cayin 88 or the Manley Stingray. I listen to a lot of jazz, r&b, classic rock, classic pop vocals, Brazilian and African music. I'd appreciate your thoughts.

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I like the Rogue ,have not heard the others,but they are all great amps,these threads are like a car club if you own a camaro then you criticize mustangs and in truth they are both great cars,same here,get your absolute favorite tune and listen to it yourself with the speakers you intend to buy,you will decide what flavors you like not us,have fun and enjoy,Nick