Reasonably priced AES/EBU sound card?

Does anyone know of a PCI soundcard for use in a Windows XP PC that has AES/EBU inputs and ouputs? The cards I am seeing are in the $500 range, I'm looking for something in the under $200 range.

Alternately, a SPDIF card with an AES/EBU converter would work, but I can't find that combination in my price range either.

Any help appreciated!
I really think that you won't be pleased with anything in the $200 range. I tried several. Now I use the DAL soundcard at $400 or so. They have what you are looking for with aes/ebu. You will need the 1/4" male jack on one end of the cable to interface with the bracket for the aes/ebu, but it works just perfectly.
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