Reasonably priced 25 Balanced IC s?

I'm thinking of changing my single ended cables to balanced. I need about 25' to connect my BAT VK-30 preamp to my Classe DR8 amplifier. The DR8 feeds 6 foot runs to my Martin Logan Quest Z's (bi-wired, the speaker wire was made for me by Classe a long time ago, looks like 8 gauge wire, about as flexible as hydro wire). Other gear includes Oracle Delphi IV/SME345/Grado Reference, Lehmann Black Cube, YBA CD Integre, Magnum Dynalab tuner. I'm using a variety of power cords and IC's (MIT, YBA, Synergistic Research). I don't want to break the bank, I'm thinking $400 max for a good used balanced cable. Opinions? Thanks for taking the time, Jeff
I've had good results with Tice. He makes a solid core six 9's copper that has all the attributes you would expect from solid core copper. I haven't seen it used, but the new (factory direct) price isn't too far above your target, I think.
Go to ebay and do a search for "cableplex". These cables are Custom Silver Plated Copper. I have used, and recommended to a lot of friends these cables. email him, he also provides Balanced termination. These cables have really changed my system! smooth and very detailed. The performance/price ratio can't be beat. I compared the Basic to Kimber Hero's and they easily out-performed them, on my system, at a fraction of the price. Tell Matt I sent you.