reasonable power chords - work with Bat VK600

I recently bought a BAT VK600 power amp here on the gon (thanks Michael)
it has two power supplies and two power chord connections on the back

any suggestions on power chords to bring out the details without it being too sharp on the high end? something reasonably priced - no 10k options

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I use PS Audio Power Punch cables on all of my equipment. They add nothing nor do they take anthing away from the sound.At well under $100.00 a real bargain.I can't say how they will work with your equipment though.
I'd call John Pharo at The Cable Company and ask him for his advice. Maybe Stealth Dreams, Synergistic Research, Dream State Audio or Silent Source.
Please call John Pharo, I believe that he actually has BAT monoblocks himself and I think that he's currently using the new Synergistic Research cables.
Hello, we have found the Cardas Golden Reference to be a clear winner with any of the BAT gear we offer. The 2007 CES Audio Oasis Award was presented using the VK600SE/Golden Reference combo. This cable has no bad habits and is priced right/performance.
Check out the Audio Magic cables. These silver cables are super fast without the upper end fatigue. Used Audio Magic cables on AudioGon are typically great bargains!
I agree with Dedicatedaudio. I had several powercords on my VK200 and Golden Ref worked best. Evidently there is great synergy with BAT and Golden Ref.
Jena Labs Model One, or 916-15. I use all Jena Labs cables with BAT electronics - I found that combination to be magical. I have had 600SE, 51SE, 6200 and PK-10, all with Jena Labs pc's, Symphony ic's and Valkyrie speaker cables. Perfect match.
thanks for all the responses
both here and in private emails

I'll look into these brands and the cable company recs
in more detail

currently trying two chords from my local dealer

I'm going with purist audio aqueous from Al Porter
thanks everyone!