reasonable percentage of TotalCost in sys HiEnd ?

What can be the percentage of total costs in a system ?
30% source (cds ,dac,,,)
30% amp-pre
40% speaker ?
This has been recently discussed. But different folks had different answers. Part of the issue is the total value of the system, the other, is the knowledge of the Audiophile.
For a NEW person entering the world of stereo and spending only a thousand or at most two thousand total: the amount to spend is 50% speakers. 30% amp/pre and 20% source (this is one source only)
When the amount of money being spent rises, the percentage for speakers drops. ANd the percentage for electronics should rise. Once you are spending several thousand for each item, any combo percentage can be good. It is the skill of the person putting the items together that matter.
For example: When I bought my first stereo in 1965 I spent about 50% for speakers and the rest on the other stuff. In 1985 I bought a new stereo, and again I spent 50% on speakers (a pair of Infinity RSII for $2,200) and 50% on electronics Carver amp $800 and Hafler Dh110 $300 TT, cart, Cd player.
Recently I bought an (almost) all new stereo Speakers Magnepan 3.6 $5000. amd Bryston 4B-SST2 $4,400 preamp Bryston $4,100, Phono 1.5 $2,700, VAC used for CD buffer $1,500. Rega P5 with PS and Benz Glider $2,700 Kuzma with PS and Stogi S with Dynavector $3.400. I bought a Furman REF20i used for $1,400 and still use a Monster 7000SS power conditioner. My digital stuff is all keepers from prior system.
So you can see I am WAY off the 50% for speakers in the new system BECAUSE I KNOW exactly what i want from years of experience.
The big arguements of different money percentages are from experienced users.
SO the message is: newbie under a few thousand buyer: 50 % speakers, 50% rest. For experienced buyers with BIG budgets, the values can be nearly ANYTHING because they KNOW WHAT THEY WANT .