Reasonable moving coil cartridge

I am looking to purchase a Music Hall 1.5 TT. The selling point being a removable headshell. 

That being said, i am looking for a reasonably priced moving coil cartridge to use on the MH. My preamp is the Bryston 1B- MC. I am not looking to refinance my house. Something in the neighborhood of $200-300 USD. I dont need to worry about a moving coil amplifier as the MC comes with one built in.

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Chackster is right, your budget, go for MM with advanced stylus shape.

I had an existing Shure body, so I added a new Stylus: Jico SAS stylus shape/boron cantilever. Nice MM with decently high 3.0 mV output. You could look at finding a vintage cartridge body (with or without stylus), and replace the stylus. With stylus? don’t plan on it, but you might get lucky

I also have and very much like Audio Technica 440ml, Advanced MicroLine shape. I agree, currently available Audio Technica VM540ML is a great choice, only $250. 4.0 mV output, user replaceable stylus.

Cantilever is aluminum, a reasonable compromise to get in budget
So after further review, and having a bit of extra money in my pocket from some unused cash bonuses from work, I am going with the following:
  • Fluance RT84 turntable: $449 (USD) - I couldn’t justify spending an extra $50USD on the acrylic platter.
  • Ortofon Quintet Red: $274.00 (USD) - It was a toss-up between this and the Denon. But since the bulk of my music is jazz bass/guitar, this seemed like a best choice.
  • Marantz CD6006 CD: $465.00 (USD) - Sadly, this is the only piece of gear available locally.

Total cost: $1188.00
The Fluance comes with an Ortofon Blue 2M cartridge (MM Elliptical). Ebay will be a good place to recoup about $100.00
Now all I need to do is figure out how to hide the boxes from the CFO when they arrive on the doorstep. The things we do for our obsession.
My advice. 
Get the Soundsmith Otello. This guy knows how to build a cartridge! You get US made hand built for mass market price!
If you want another high value cartridge and don't care about US made, get the AT740ML or AT750SH. I can testify that are very good. 
I wouldn't bother with an MC cartridge at this price point. Don't get hung up on architecture.  Just SQ for the $$$

The Sumiko Blue Point #2 got the "Gruvy Award" from "Analog Planet" and garnered this positive review:
"One of the least expensive moving coils I know of. Its high output (2.5mV) means it’s MM phono stage compatible but will give you a taste of what moving coil cartridges are all about. It features an elliptical stylus and tracks between 1.6 and 2.0 grams. Lots of detail, power and punch. Better for rock than for classical."

The Blue Point series was very popular some years ago. List price is ~$450 but doubtless it’s available for less money and brand new, too!

i was going to get a bit pissy, but i see i left out some information.
  1. i already have a JVC QL-A2 w/Grado Blue (MM) elliptical cartridge
  2. The new turntable will become the reference/preferred TT for new/cherished recordings.
I have the choice of sending the Bryston 1-B to be factory modified to remove the MC option, but with shipping and labor, i am approaching $500.00 w/insurance.

i certainly did look at the Hana, but wasnt sure if i could convince the CSO of te additional cost.