Reasonable integrated amp for Magico A3

Hi guys,
I have just ordered for a Magico A3 and am waiting for arrival. I do have Naim Unity Nova and I think this might be good enough. I am trying to find out from forum here, who have (or even if they don't have), A3s, what integrated amps are being used and recommend. If Nova is not enough, I might considering switching to other integrated. Considering Esoteric F-05 or Pass labs 250 or Vitus R-101. 
I like Jadis tubes with Magico. I’m running Jadis I50 with S1
Check out Aesthetix MIMAS great integrated hybrid $7000 you can add DAC and Phono 

ML 585 used will set you back 6-7k and you’ll be set. Has high quality dac built in. Glowing reviews and you’ll be shocked that you can purchase this level of integrated amp for this price. It’s a beauty. FWIW
I’ve heard Alon Wolf really likes Hegel amps and that they are one of the amps he uses to voice his speakers, so maybe an H300 or H360 would be worth adding to the list.  At this level it’s all about sonic preferences, so maybe calling Magico and sharing your tastes with them would yield some good recommendations.  Hope this helps.  Congrats on your new speakers, and best of luck. 
I listened to the A3’s with Hegel gear at Overture audio in Wilmington De and they sounded very good. Also with Naim and Mac separates and all sounded really good. Only integrated was the Hegel and very nice presentation and good control