Reasonable high end interconnects: without breaking the bank

I am in the process of updating my audio equipment and have realized my interconnects are probably not up to snuff; I use the ones provided by the manufacturers.  My current set up includes a Leben cs600 amplifier, California audio lab Icon Mark II CD player, Linn Akurate Streamer, Feikert Volare Table and Spendor SP1 speakers ( in final stages of upgrade to either Audio Note E, Devore O93 or Joseph Profile).  I have been investigating interconnects and have a bit of sticker shock.  So any suggestions on interconnects that won't  bankrupt me?  Is silver truly preferable to copper with respect to resolution and detail?

I go with a couple of users who mention Morrow. The most obvious difference from any other cable in that range that I can attest to is an amazing sound stage with excellent inner detail. I also need to stay away from extra "brightness" as my system provides enough of that and the morrow cables have that "extra dimension" in the tereble range with things such as cymbals. The "sweet spot" in their line are the MA-4 series. The improvements are not quite as great above that, although the MA-6 speaker cables I use are amazing. At regular prices I would think twice, but they almost always have a 40- 50% off sale. 
Analysis Plus Ones (yeah, the purple cables) are also very good and a relative bargain.
In a private discussion, one of the members told me that he replaced some $$$$ Verastarr foils with Audio Envy cables. I am trying to find more information on these cables.
Have slowly upgraded RCA cables

Kimber PBJ
Van den Hul D102 III
Merlin Chopin to Verdi to Vivaldi
Now, Audience AU24SX

The Audience will be my last pair.
I recommend trying Triode Wire Labs interconnects.  I've used them and compare them favorably with the ones I moved up to, the Audience Au24SX.
I believe price has to be considered in terms of value received for money spent. In that context, I recommend the Venom series of Shunyata’s cables and cords.  While not inexpensive, they aren’t “bank breakers”, either.  I have yet to be less than pleased when adding one (or two) to my audio system, regardless of application.