Reasonable Cable Suggestions $300

Any suggestions for reasonably priced speaker cables? Also, does bi-wiring make a real difference? System elements:

Proceed CDP
Classe CP-35
Classe CA-100
JM Lab 926

Components are linked using balanced interconnects...

IMO biwires make small to no difference.

PS Audio and have them cryo'd. I am very happy with mine.
Analysis Plus cables; fantastic yet reasonably priced. And, you can usually find them used on AudioGon.
And, yes, bi-wiring makes a difference.

Also, check out reviews in Stereo Times:
Try out Analysis plus oval 9 speaker cables. I use them in my system which is Bel Canto and Martin Logan. The cables have a very neutral sound strong bass, smooth mids, and soft highs. They run about $350.00 with T-1 spades for a eight foot pair. www.

How can anyone suggest a cable without knowing what length you require for $300?

My speaker cables are 30 feet long and cost around $850. They're MAS Signature Hybrid and available here on Audiogon. They are starquad geometry, and therefore ideal to either use for bi-wiring or configuring as a twisted pair, thus increasing the effective gauge for long runs.
I haven't found a big difference in the biwire but have them. I own 936s which sound very good with Pheonix Gold. I did a shootout and these were the cheapest cables, you may want a thicker cable with the 926s to boost the bass.
Yes, biwiring makes a difference... in the profit margins for cable companies.
Good call TVAD.

Requried speaker wire length is 18-20 feet.
Coviellop01, I've been exactly where you are now, give or take ten feet. My first suggestion is to increase your budget and try the MAS Signature Hybrid. They are available with a 30 day return. My second suggestion is Canare 4S11 for $.69/foot from

I've used the Canare 4S11 with nice results, and later replaced it with the MAS Signature Hybrid, which I've now owned for a year and a half and have no intention of replacing any time soon.