need some advice,looking to purchase a widescreen tv,54 to 58 inches,max budget $4000.will be used mainly for HT.i was very impress with the 55 inch sharpvision and the pioneer 58 inch.the pioneer elite are great but to pricey.the mitsubichi big screens now offer future up-gradebility,but the picture,did not look as good as the regular pioneer or the sharpvison.thank you in advance for your advice.
Without a doubt you have to audition the Toshiba Cinema Series (61HX70...61 inches) or TheaterWide (may be out of your budget). Plus, you may be able to receive HD with them without a separate converter box.

Good Luck!
Hey, Fonsy66 I read the review on the Platinum +, Mits. (TPV) It has the 3/2 pullldown within. After ISF calibration; and with a progressive dvd player;sounded pretty hot to me.(has 2 progressive inputs) Retails for 4400. I would assume it could be bought for a buck or two less. They even "rag" about the "halo" on the Elite in Hd mode. The Mits/ comes from the factory with the color temp. at over 10k; no wonder you weren't impressed.Got nothing to say about the Toshiba/ain't read anything. It is to bad the factory assumes we like the colors jerked way up there. The blacks/after calibration were outstanding, on the Mits.. The Sonys come a great deal closer to 6500./but they have more problems.
i agree with sabbiamj go for the toshiba tw56 or tw65
then pay to have it professionally calibrated. There are only two 7" crt (reasonably priced) rear projection tv's on the market that are worth a flip. The Toshiba and the Pioneer elite(sorry mits fans but there first 2 generations of bugs lost me as a customer)since no one can afford the pioneer elite the toshiba comes out on top. It may not look the best in the store but after burn-in and a professional calibration it has an amazing picture for dtv,dish,progressive dvd, and hdtv thru my dish 6000 ROCKS
the picture is amazing... buy it ... buy it.... buy it.
Lee Ross
Toshiba tw65x81
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If you're in the market for a bigscreen do yourself a favor and check out You won't be sorry. The pioneer elite was $2300 more than my local dealer!{$5k del. vs $6800 +tax= $7300}
Lross, the Toshiba "TW' are last years models the ones sabbiamj listed are the "HX" which are the new models. By the way Hitachi makes the lenses and components for the Toshibas, so give the HItachi's a look. I am currently looking at the Hitachi's and Toshibas and the Hitachi's are very nice.
I use a Hitachi ultra vision and when I went to by out of all the sets it had the best picture quality. And that was over two years ago and at the time I read that they where the leading company in big screens. And now they are better than mine so that has to awesome. Good luck
Thank you all for your excellent advice and recommendations,
I decided to go with the toshiba TW 56H80 it's a widescreen
model released in 2000,it was a close call against the hitachi,i preffered the picture on the toshiba by a small margin.the dealer where i purchased the toshiba happen to
have the pioneer elite pro610 side by side the toshiba
56h80,i will admit the pioneer had a better picture but buy
only a very small margin,the pionner elite being $thousands
more than either the toshiba or hitachi,the marginal improvment on the pioneer make the toshiba and hitachi a steal for the price.