Realy need help choosing amp

I got bedroom 9’ by 11’ by 8’ high. It has bed, bookshelf, desk, tv. I’m able to listen to music only on low or moderate volume (or I get evicted). Is it possible to set audiophile grade audio system in my room or I should bite the bullet? I’m newbee to high end (no preferences), on budget (no reference level system please yet). When I went to high end dillers (Denver CO) I was unable to get any real advice –only one salesman told me I got tin ears (it’s possible). I don’t know.
I think I could hear difference between integrated amp (not reference level) and receiver (even high end).
I’ve got now pioneer dvd dv333(?), jbl s310 speakers (should I damp it?), yamaha receiver (took from living room). This system got me hooked on HT but I don’t think it good for audio.
I would like to get hooked to audio but I’m totally lost now. What price range for amp (probably integrated ss amp) to get good quality sound? Could I scrap something from my system (is it worth it)? Made changes to my room?
If system doesn’t sound good it worthless. If too expensive I couldn’t afford it (may be I got tin ears anyway). Question is about budget and equipment.
Any answers and suggestions (or tweaks) will be really appreciated.
I have similar neighbor issues. Though I have a nice main system, I spend more time listening to headphones. A good headphone system such as Stax or Sennheisers with a headphone amp might be an alternative to upgrading your primary system. --Scott
hi Vlad ... check out the NAD L-40 system --CD player/reciver all in one with remote and Alpha Speakers ..- you can see it on our showcase on audiogon ..or at the nad website at

an excelent system at a resonable price

any questions contact us ...

good listening

The NAD L-40 suggestion is very good. I own one, but would suggest looking for a used Linn Classik for even smoother performance. Pricey, yet very good. Paired with British speakers such as ATC, Spendors or Rogers, this would be seriously good. Best of luck.
Get the best headphones you can afford as well as a cd player with headphone jack and volume control and enjoy the music!
I think the headphone suggestion is a good one.

I had a very good bedroom system a few years ago. I was running an Onix A60 (SS integrated, unfortunately VERY rare) with an NAD CD player, using B&W bookshelf speakers (DM 302, I think). Sounded fantastic for a bedroom system... very good imaging and soundstaging, even at low levels.

Currently, I've moved on to a larger system in the living room. Using a JoLida 1501RC hybrid integrated, Sony SACD player, and full-size PSB Century 600i speakers. The JoLida is a great little integrated. The tube pre-amp really does add a touch of welcome warmth to the sound. You can find JoLida hybrids pretty cheap on AudiogoN, and I think they are a steal. They've had some spotty reviews on this site, but the reviews on seem pretty favorable. At the price, I think it is something you might want to consider. I've had a very good experience with my JoLida piece.
Well, the NAD L-40 rec is nice, but the JBL S310's are a 10" 3 way so i think you might need some more power. Maybe you would want to consider getting a monitor or bookshelf speaker.I have the NAD C-370 120 wpc integrated amp and i love it, maybe you should consider the C-350. All of thses producrts can be bought at thats where i got my nad good prices, great company and best of all theyre authorized to sell the nad units. They also have some package deals with the L40 i have seen, check it out!.

I have no relation to NAD or Yawa online in any way shape or form i just wanna enjoy the music.

Happy Listening
I agree with the headphone idea. You can purcahse a good set of headphones without the worry later of having to re-sell you bedroom system when you move to a larger location.
When you move to a larger location you will still have your headphones when you purchase your new full blown system. I think this makes much more sense. good luck!
Hi Vlad, I'm a student in a teeny weeny room...slightly bigger than yours...i'm a student and this is how i set up my stages...
my advice is
1)sell the receiver (I sold my HK receiver) an inexpensive integrated (you can use for surrounds or rear surrounds later)... I bought a Marantz PM17SA. But I think a NAD or audiosource is good alternative....

2) Whenever you have saved up less than what your favorite next equipment is...either wait to save up more or buy cables. I usually budget my sub $500 expenses towards cables

3) I have an integrated (marantz) for surround... an Eelectrocompaniet AW 100 + ELAD for mains and nOrh + (possibly a luminous axiom) for center

4) dont even compromise a bit on speakers...if they are too expensive for now...try building your own...that's what I did and they sound good..

Start with stereo and move towards multichannel for DVDA or SACD
that should get you started...
the cool part about buying in stages is you never feel the pinch on the pocket that much...and still enjoy music at different stages...and start to appreciate the new changes
Anyone know anything about the Onix A-60 integrated amp? Or the Onix Rocket rs250s speakers?