Really wild-looking tube amps

I once stumbled on a site devoted to custom-built tube amps that were designed as objets d'art as much (or more than) for practical audio applications. Anybody know what I'm talking about? For the life of me I can't remember anything about the name of the business. Hopefully the site is still up somewhere but all I remember is that these things looked like they came straight from a mad scientist's lab, with lots of bizarre tubes I've never seen anywhere else chosen for their aesthetic appeal. Somebody help me out here. The stuff looked like audio equipment designed by Dr. Seuss. It's sculpture, really.
Was it Electronluv? There was one of these amps on the Gon not long ago. Bob
YES! Thank you Baranyi. That's it. Unfortunately, it looks like the site IS down for the moment, or awaiting a redesign or something. But that's the one. Thank you again.
BWS Consulting amps, 600 lb delivererd.
The amps look very interesting. I wish I could hear a review from someone who has heard these amps. Bob
Cain and Cain used to use to partner up at shows with these amps, before the builder of Cain And Cain passed away. I think the Cain and Cain brand is being carried on, but I don't know details.
You can search for previous versions of the site. There's some good images there. Also search on AA, quite a few threads with pics, etc.

His stuff sounds as good or better than it looks, believe it or not. The pic on his current home page is a 211-based 3-stage guitar(!) amp that he made recently.