Really warm cables for Tube amps and others....

At the risk of giving away a great system secret:-) I have come across a wonderful set of interconnect cables called the Musica Bella SG by Bella Extreme.

They are warm and airy and wonderful.

See them at:

I have tried many cables to take the edge off my Thiel speakers and they have worked wonders.

Has anyone else had any experience with these cables?

Joe Seminetta

Modwright 9.0 SE Signature Tube Preamp
Sonic Frontiers Power 3 Tube monoblocks
Cullen Modified ZP80 Sonos system
Cullen Stage 4 Modified PS Audio Digilink 3 DAC
Musica Bella SG Series 1 interconnect cables
All PS Audio power cords (from Extreme SC + on the monoblocks, preamp and dac to a Punch on the Sonos)
Really long (and soon to be for sale Coincident CST speaker cables.
Perhaps the real source of the problem is an amp/speaker mismatch
between the Sonic Frontiers amps and your Thiel speakers.

Or, perhaps the entire system is comprised of components and speakers that
have a bright/forward signature. One consistent theme in all the threads I have read concerning taming a bright system is the large number of Thiel owners who desire this.

In any case, I don't think wire is the long term solution for a tipped-up system sound.

I think the key here is that he has found a synergy within his system that provides a presentation he is happy with without having to replace one of his main two components (amp or speakers).

"Build your system for yourself, not the critics"
Sorry for the delayed response to both comments. I happen to agree with both of them. I love the qualities of the tube amps and the Thiels. The Thiels are bright and forward but also have great detail and precision. The Musica Bella cables just smooths them out to a very liquid and musical level. I do think you will always get some random qualities when combining components from different manufacturers and genres. I am very happy with my system as it stands but am always looking for more refinement. I am reading Jim Smiths book "Get Better Sound" right now. I am going to work on replacing my speaker cables next with some shorter, more modern bits. I am hoping to add more soundstage and imaging without sacrificing the warm, musical sound I have dialed in to this point.

Any constructive comments are always welcome.
i have an interconnect cable which will offset peaks in the range 2500 hz and above. thus, an interconnect can compensate for imbalances in frequency response.

what difference does it make how you get there , as long as you get there and can listen to your stereo system for an extended period, without being annoyed ?