Really Satisfied With The Music Room's Service

I want to give a shout out to TMR and Lauren after my last two purchases. So much of our hobby comes down to synergy, and I appreciate the ability to purchase an item with the right to return.

Like many people, I don't live anywhere near a strong audio market, so TMR gives me a chance to try for the cost of shipping if it doesn't work out.

I tried a pair of speakers that were a few steps up from the same manufacturer, and they just didn't work in my space. Lauren is a great communicator, and she was quick to offer my return authorization. The refund was completed within two days.

If anyone is on the fence about purchasing something, rest assured, they are a quality operation. No ties to the company, just a satisfied customer.
Cool!  Great to know that we can demo equipment from TMR!  
I have no worries about buying from tmr. I do wish they used full color photos tho.