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I decided to categorize this under 'digital' due to the fact that everything is reliant on digital sources. Anyway, my ASR power amp is still with the tech ( I think he may have started looking at it ) and I was desperate to hear something besides the radio. Yes, by this time, that often cited comment 'It's all about the music" seemed more salient than ever before. So the challenge was to make the best out of $600.00 plus a couple of things that I already had. The $600.00 went towards an Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt, an iPad without the cellular option, an Apple dragon-tail type adapter and a Tidal subscription. What I already owned was a Yamaha sound bar, a pair of Sony MDR-V600 headphones and pair of Cardas earbuds. Right now, I'm streaming 'Two Against Nature' while using the Sony headphones and it's not bad. The fact that the iPad runs of it's own charged battery is certainly a plus. When using the Yamaha sound bar, I've got the entry level HIFI Cables power conditioner plugged into the power strip. When I'm on the go, I opt for the Cardas earbuds which are a little bass heavy but good for Rock and Funk, i.e. Sly and the Family Stone. Refined listening to Hillary Hahn is pretty much out of the question though. So I'm sorta wondering if anything else might help, like the Audioquest Jitterbug, etc... Are there any others' in Goner Land who rely on something similar to what I've described above? Anyone got suggestions about how to improve on what I've already done? Best.
Some new music? CDs would cost much less than gear.
- Course of Nature
- The Buzzhorn
- Roxanne Potvin
- Diana Krall

Look to iFi audio for jitter removal/correction
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Qobuz instead of Tidal. Quit throwing away $$.
Right now I'm listening to BandCamp on a real streamer.  
$100 for a Ras Pi.  Use the iPad for a controller, NOT source.

Yeah, I’m in a very similar situation (amp dead) and using my iPad into a Dragonfly Red via Apple Camera Adapter feeding Hifiman HE400S ‘phones.  I have to say this little rig produces many of the characteristics I like about my big rig including neutrality, transparency, and very good imaging and soundstage (for me in headphone world that translates to outside-of-the-head imaging without localizing the sound of the speakers).  I tried the Jitterbug and didn’t like it at all with the Red — it created a veil and collapsed the soundstage.  There’s a pair of open-box HE400Ses on Amazon for $149 from the same place I bought mine (also open box), and if you haven’t tried a pair of good open-back cans they might be worth considering.  Anyway, FWIW. 
soix,, If you didn't see my other thread, I'm trying to come up with out of pocket costs for surgery, so no new headphones for now but thanks for the reference. Wish I could afford a pair of the top of the line Grado Statement headphones. I could also use those with my power amp once it's back up and running. So I'm glad you steered my away from the Jitterbug. What I do like are the Akiko tuning stick tweaks. Akiko has a USB tuning stick but the Dragonfly won't plug into the back of it, too bad. Are you using Amarra for your iPad?