Really need some advice on center channels

Sides and surrounds maggies sides 20.1s

I have tried several centers including maggies. Now have paradigm low end they are very good am looking at mid to top level or acoustic zens you name that will match the speed of the maggies. any suggestions.

Will run anthem 5A 350 watts with a anthem 50 hometheater processor.
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Best center I have heard is a pair of 20.1s with their tweeter strips abutting and angled sharply. ;-)

What space do you have under the tv? If there's enough height, perhaps an Apogee stage. They are super performers as mains, so one would be an excellent candidate for a center. The only hitch is that you might have to buy a pair. Just a thought.
Try a older Mertin Logan cinema i. Awesome center for around $650-$750 here.
I am about to order a Salk Soundscape center channel (to use with Avalon Eidolon Vision mains). This center is $3,000, but from a manufacturer direct operation with no overhead. Avalon will release a center that has the same level drivers shortly, which will sell for 10-15K. The midrange driver is accuton and the tweeter is a ribbon. This should be an extremely fast and transparent center, and match very will with electrostats. Bit of a leap of faith of course....
Get what ever center matches your sides. That is the most important thing. If you get a center and it sounds different they will forever be fighting each other and your imaging will be screwed up.