really inexpensive power cords

OK, so I was right on the brink of buying a couple of PS Preludes (at the currently reduced price), but then reading through several posts on this site deterred me. Stories of dullness, sucking the life from the system, etc. etc.

So what I see is this.

Audioquest NRG-2
Furutech G320Ag18
Shunyata Venon
Tara Labs Prism AC
Wireworld Stratus 5(2)

It makes no sense to spend $$$ as this is for a secondary system (Musical Fidelity, Creek, B&W). But buying used cables carrying mains electricity doesn't appeal very much.

Thoughts, recommendations, ratings, experiences, etc.....
Stay with the stock cords.
good choice opting out of the PS Audio cables, they can be greatly bettered. VH Audio makes some fantastic power cables that are very reasonably priced. Upgrading to premium Wattgate or Furutech connectors is a serious step upwards as well.
I've had good experience with Signal Cable, with all 3 grades of Frank's power cords for everything in my system ... basic, digital, and premium with silver. Worth checking out.
Jalapenos is right about VenHaus (VH) I used their formula to make some terrific PCs for about $50 apiece. An respected Agoner compared this self made product with PCs in the $500 range and preferred the VH. They made an immediate improvement in my stereo being much more open than the stock cords.
Why do you want to upgrade the PC's in your second system?
Do you listen critically or just for background music? If for background, buy some music instead. If you're going to do some critical listening, start w/some DIY, using Chris VH or Bob Crump recipes, then see if you want to head further down the road. You can even do something like get upgraded AC ends and use Carol cable for an improvement over stock. It takes a little experimenting w/your system to see if it's a viable option.

Don't forget the basics before you start on a PC quest. Make sure your room is optimized w/regards to spkr placement and taming reflections.

Also, even if you don't upgrade your PC's, I would suggest swapping out your AC outlets for something else. Pretty much any upgrade in this area will make a difference & you don't need to spend big bucks to hear a change. My favorites are Oyaide and Furutech. Look at the VH Audio website for more details.
Driver gets it.
These volex power cord are a big improvement over stock cords (especially cheap stock cords) for minimal cost. Otherwise I agree with Driver.
Id stick with the signal cable or VH audio since both represent excellent value at their price points.
I like My Audio Cables (MAC), a 3 strand braided silver power cord. 6 feet for 140.00, better that Signal Cable
I have to say that I've found the results of this poll of a'gon opinion rather disquieting.

The consensus seems to be: stay with the stock cables, buy Volex 17604, or try Signal, VenHaus, or MAC (to which one might add Element). No substantive comments on the Audioquest, Furutech, Shunyata, Tara Labs and Wireworld products.

For the moment, two explanations for this consensus suggest themselves to me--I don't know if either is right.

1) audiophiles like to find "small", often single-person operations that challenge or surpass the "big boys".


2) the big mainstream companies establish a reputation with certain breakthrough products, then--cynically--develop their product lines to cover all the price points, regardless of the intrinsic merit of those subsequent products.

As a case in point, if you read through the "blurbs" on the MusicDirect website about the Shunyata PCs, it's almost as if the Venom and Diamondback were afterthoughts, and their "real" entry-level PC is the Copperhead.
IMHO your two theories are not totally offbase. You did however as for inexpensive and smaller companies without retail presence are obviously cheaper.

This is not to say that a ps audio or shynyata entry level cord is better then signal or mac. Only id buy a few with MBG and let your ears be the judge. Then file your latest entry in "sometimes you get what you asked for"
I would put Virtual Dynamics on your list.I am using power 3 and love it.
TLE - if you really want to spend more $ on one of those brands - feel free. My input was based on your statement of it being a second system, and not wanting to spend a lot. If you had given a $ amount you want to spend maybe you'd receive other recommendations.

what is your question? in rereading your original post I am not sure I know what you are seeking.

what are ps preludes?


My second system has a decent cdp, amp, speakers, ICs and speaker cables. But stock, come-with-the-unit, PCs. So I was thinking of doing something about them, without spending an arm and a leg.

Along comes PS Audio's summer promotion, with most of its cables on sale, and I nearly bit. The Prelude is the second-from-the-bottom in PS's line of power cords. (The "Punch" is the entry-level...)

But, essentially, the responses have, each in their own way, answered my question. I now get to choose between staying with stock, and cords from Volex, Signal, VenHaus, MAC, Element, Virtual Dynamics, Voodoo, etc.

My second post was more a reflection on the state of the audio business. If five pretty major companies, with significant research and production resources, are making cords in the under $100/3ft bracket that virtually no one on A'gon favors, then that says something not too complimentary about those companies, who are trading on their name and not their product.

BTW, I need something that is pretty flexible, so some of the possibilities are out of contention...
Yeah, flexibility is a real issue. I replaced a couple of Power Cords mostly in order to clean up some of the cables behind the stereo and get the interconnects and speaker cables away from touching the power cables. The cords I got however are not very flexible so it took a lot of work to position them in such a way that they're not touching any other cables. At least there are no power cables tangled up on the floor now...
Cables, like gear itself, is system dependent and more importantly, something that you need to decide upon for yourself.

As for your initial query on those specific PC's, please don't read anything into what wasn't said. Most people aren't going to comment if they haven't had those specific cords. Personally, I use mostly Cardas PC's plus some Chris VH DIY cables. I had at least 75 different cables in my system before I settled on something & since then have switched out maybe another 10 or so. Maybe you'll get it right the first time but more than likely it'll take some experimenting.

You can always try the Cable Co. to audition cables w/o buying & selling a bunch. Check them out at here

I do want to reiterate what I said before about how you're going to use this 2nd system. A good friend of mine has two systems, and although each one of them could be considered a main system, one is definitely a 2nd system. Since they evolved into analog & digital system, the 2nd system was totally tweaked out w/not only cable upgrades, but dedicated lines, upgraded outlets & room treatments. If you're going that route, then by all means explore all the possibilities. If you want to upgrade because the price is good, which is what I got from your initial post, then stick to your guns & explore the budget end of the spectrum. There are some good offerings out there-you just have to do some homework outside of this site.