Really dumb question about Atmasphere amps

Recent upgrades of my system left me really satisfied (AP Virgos, BAT VK-60, Placette passive and an AudioNet ART V2 CDP) and I don't feel a pressuring need to run out and get something better. However, in some distant future I might consider an upgrade to some monoblocks and the Atmasphere amps seem to be very well regarded.
But one thing about them really strikes me as odd and I simply wondered: why do they (at least the MA1 model, I looked at) have their XLR/RCA inputs in the front? Seems very unpractical to me. Must look quite funny too, running your IC from the back of the system to the front of the amp (also unnecessarily increases the length of your ICs). How do you Atmasphere owners cope with that?
Good question. I often wonder if designers actually ever use the gear that they design to find out just how well it works ( or doesn't work for that matter ) or if something like this was done for specific electrical considerations.

As to mono-blocks, i think that they take for granted that they will be sitting down by your individual speakers, so this would not be a cosmetic problem unless you had the mounted in your rack with the other gear. Sean
I think I remember reading that it keeps the signal path shorter than putting them in back.
Also they don't have to go near any of that power stuff that can introduce noise into your system. I agree it is usually a huge pain, but if set up like Sean says it would make perfect sense.
I would say both Phild and Tireguy are correct.

I have to commend you on your choice. They are very fine amplifiers with a great reliability track record. I have owned the MA2 MK II.2's and they were magnificent. I have also spent quite a bit of time with the MA1's and they are some of the finest amplifiers in the world. They should do a fine job on the AP's.
I own the M60-MkII.2's, and I actually prefer the inputs on the front! In my set-up, it makes the access to the interconnects MUCH EASIER! My personal opinion about Atma-sphere amps (besides loving them): I think that they are one of the best bargains in high end audio. I also feel that the amps sound best with the Atma-sphere pre-amps. I also believe that in tube gear, try to get the LOWEST POWER that your speakers will be happiest with. Unneeded power means unneeded expense. Happy Tunes!
If a monoblock is gonna live down behind the speakers, wouldn't it make the most sense to have the IC input toward the rear, and the speaker outputs toward the front? Doesn't doing it the other way 'round defeat the advantage of shorter internal wiring, by requiring a longer speaker cable? I also like what I've seen of certain amps that place the jacks on the sides instead of the front and back - this makes space-saving design sense when you consider how deep some monoblocks are to begin with.
Zaikesman - that is exactly what I thought. Maybe you can just turn the amp around - would look a bit funny, though and biasing wouldn't be to easy ,either.
Finally, I get to answer a question on Audiogon with a definative answer. This is not a "dumb" question. How do I know this? Because I asked exactly the same question to Ralph Karsten (head of Atmasphere) when I first saw the S30 at the HiFi-99 show in Chicago. The reason for the layout is to keep the signal path as short as possible. The input connectors are right next to the input tubes which are just in front of the output tubes so the signal path is a "staight line" of sorts. With most owners of the monoblocks this is a non-issue as they usually have the amps on separate stands near the speakers. My S30 is on my equipment rack, sideways, using 1 meter interconnects.

FWIW, I'll second the sonic opinions already voiced. Great sonics, great bargain.
Can one provide me the web site of atmasphere?
my Virgo is 4 ohm, and I wonder whether it will match with
atamsphere or not?

Tim, go to the "Manufacturer List" area of A-Gon for links.