really bright sounding speaker cables

have pair dynaudio c-4s been using antiwire cable want to upgrade, c-4s have heavy low end in my room so wanted a bright cable ,leaning towards analysis plus siver2,9guage, wanted to keep a little under $1000 any feedback would be great.
I own a high end audio store and sold Dyn for years. I think the c-4 are beautiful. If you study the speaker industry the Danish build a a great product.For years I have studied interconnects and cable. Room design and amplifiers make a huge difference.Send me a full list of what you have for equipment and I might loan you a demo pair of analysis cables?? I live in Utah and there is a great cable builder there and I have spent time getting educated.
To answer your question Analysis silver is much brighter than antiwire. I feel that it is only one of your problems!
Maybe Nordost can help a bit...produced quite a lean bass in my system...
Nordost Red Dawn are bright, I would think that you would not like them with the Dyn's unless your listening room is filled with cotton balls. (I used to have C1, Special 25s and like nordost speaker cables). I would recommend the Heimdal or Frey, you get the top energy without the brightness, better extension with good natural timber. I use the frey with my verity's but the heimdal is about it's equal at a better price.
Mapleshade are good but a little bright to me. They use to have a trial period, you might check their web site.
I'm using analysis + oval and find the bass to be very tight fast and accurate, highs are natural, they're not bright
Mapleshade cables are bright and very transparent. Like someone opened a window in front of you.
Agree with the Nordost. I've never found a pair that I could tolerate, but for what you are looking for, they may just do the trick.

I've also had a pair of AudioQuest Dragon (silver). The most spectacular cable I've owned in many regards, such as explosive bass and tremendous resolution. But, I always felt I was sitting in a dentist chair, and was deriving the opposite of happiness when I listened to my system. Chasing the problem all over the place, one day, I switched my former copper loudspeaker cables back into the system, and instantly had music again. Rare and pricey, but if you run across them, you may want to give them a shot.
Try the Kimber Kable 8tc I set up a friend who had a little more bass than one would like in a system. It seemed to tighten the bass and was spot on neutral.
I found the Kimber 8TC to be a bit lean in the bass as well, it has a smooth tone in the mids, you could pick some up and turn them over in a flash if they did not suit you.
Cables are great for "fine tuning" of the system. What you have described is IMHO beyond fine tuning. I would look at your upstream equipment as a source to your problem. If you are set on trying cables, I would suggest the Cable Company as they have an excellent trial program.
I also agree with the Nordost recommendations.