Reality Check CD Burner

I am looking for opinions on the Reality Check burned CD's .
I hope to hear some responses also, I have not sent off CD for $5 trail Reality Check CDR duplicate but have read article at Positive Feedback and discussions at AA which seem to confirm this is worth checking to hear some impressions from members.

Recently at home I have had good success using additional outboard CDR drive ($90) and duplicating direct between decks at slower write speed. I use this CDR copy technique for problem CDs that have noticeably bright treble and/or sibilance and because of that previously got little play time like:

early U2
Springsteen "born USA" & "river"
various Siouxsie & Banshee
Ride "nowhere"
various Smiths

Seems to clean up/smooth out treble very nicely from original stock CD, much more enjoyable to listen to now.
Still experimenting with different types of blank CDRs, and other tweaks to refine process.
"Exact Audio Copy".
Works perfectly.
I disagree that this can make an exact audio copy. I can always hear a difference between originals and copied CDs. Go figure.