Reality cables or Grover Huffman

I should be receiving new speakers in about 2 weeks.In audio talk that means about one month.I will be needing speaker cables and have narrowed the field to the two mentioned above.
Has anyone auditioned both?
I know I could order both and return one pair but I wouldn't want to use the maker for a test.I'd rather work off your experiences.
This may not be helpful but I have heard them in different systems. I was not particularly impressed with the Grover Huffman cables but I am very impressed with the Realty Cables. I happen to use the Realty Cables so there is definite bias on my part. They are far better than the price they charge for these cables. There is quite a lot written about these cables on Audio Circles. Bob
I would at suggest before making any judgment let your speakers break in with whatever you have on hand or borrow a pair of cables..At least this way you will have some idea of what you need ..Many cable requirements are System synergy dependent....You current grear will have an effect one way or the other on what you finally end up with..another option is a Cable lending library.......
I know I could order both and return one pair but I wouldn't want to use the maker for a test.I'd rather work off your experiences.
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Well, that's the completely wrong approach.

Nothing matters except what you like. Everyone's system and listening preferences are different. Trust yourself.

Buy both. Try them both. Keep what you like and return the others.
Guys thank you for your replies,
Baranyi I will be checking Audio Circle

Thorman You are correct .I should wait for the speakers to break in before I do anything.

Tvad Yes,being the maker of both cables allow a trial period i should take advantage of it.
I have heard both in my system and very recently. Tough call, they are both great values. I opted for the Grover Huffman cables.
Clio09 Can I ask why you opted for the Grover Huffman. Also which cable was more flexible and easier to work with.
I've had both brands of cables in my system. Both sounded clear, detailed, yet not at all bright.

I went with the Grover speaker cables because for me they were more flexible and easier to work with (and I liked the silver wire termination -- gives me the impression, who knows if it is valid, that there is nothing to get in the way of signal transmission).

But I am biased because I have used Grover Cables for years (even though my loyalty strays from time to time long enough to try something new)
I felt the Grover Huffman cables were a bit livelier with a lower noise floor. They were more flexible as well, but that was not a factor in my choice.

BTW - I chose the banana terminations.
Clio09 my speakers and amp only accept spades.Did you find that the banana's sounded better ?

Wittyonline Thank you for posting.Do use use spades or banana plugs ?
"Wittyonline Thank you for posting.Do use use spades or banana plugs ?"

Thanks but neither, I use the "16 gauge solid silver bare wire" termination on amp and speaker. Grover recommends bare wire as he believes less is more when it comes to termination.

Haven't heard the Reality, but I can vouch for general satisfaction with Grover's products and service. His interconnects are a great value, and I've heard them beat many cables that cost 3-4x more in more than one system.

I've got some tri-wire speaker cables for my Alon V's on order from Grover, as we speak. Looking forward to getting them.

Anyone considering Grover's products should check out the archives on; that is where Grover has been selling for years; he has a loyal following, & deservedly so. Cheers,
Grover sells his cables with spade terminations as well. I did not compare so can't offer an opinion on which sounds better. The advice to go bare wire with these is a good one. If I could that is what I would do.
Thank you all !!!!
OEM, you've obviously done your research. You can't go wrong with either. Both get generally excellent reviews. The GH speaker cables may fair slightly better, but also cost about 20% more. Also, there is no reason the spades used wouldn't sound as good as the bananas used. Speaking in non-convience terms spades are next in line after bare wire for connection of choice.

FYI, from what I've found if you're timeline is less than a month you better get that GH order in ASAP. Reality you'd have a little more pondering time. Of course as always YMMV.
Seems to me the Reality Cables are getting somewhat of a short shrift here. I'd
really suggest buying both brands on a trial basis and comparing them.

All our systems are different, but in mine the Reality Cables replaced $2000
Purist Audio Venustas on sound quality alone.

My system for purpose of context: Silverline Sonata III, Pass Labs XA-60.5,
Lamm L2 Reference, APL Denon 3910, KAB Technics w/Dynavector XX2 MK II,
Heed Quasar.
Tvad,Very nice system.Your advice as to trying both is noted
and the way I will go.

Musicman Thank you.
Gotta also put my endorsement in for Grover's "Silver Ribbons" (bi-wire w/silver wire ends). I use them from my Classe CAP 151 integrated to my Apogee Slant 6 speakers they are (for me) very relaxed and netural in thier presentation, excellent detail and extention, for me one hell of a bargin. Grover is also very responsive to any questions you might have for support.
I was very happy with Reality cables with Chapman speakers with B&K, or Aragon and now Ncore amps until I auditioned the Huffmans, along with 6-7 other brands. I expected to spend a good deal of time on an interconnect and speaker cable shoot-out. Took no time at all. The Reality bettered everything but the Huffmans on which I preferred every performance aspect.
As an audiophile with a love of experimentation, the Reality cables have been enabling beautiful sound in one of my systems for many years - revealing even the most subtle changes during a decade of trying different tweaks.
The Reality interconnects are quite special, as well.

As their name implies, this is wiring that delivers whatever a system can provide, with innumerable thrilling moments when the performers and engineers have done their best.

Trying cables yourself is mandatory because every system, listening room, pair of ears, and taste in music is unique.
The Audiogon sellers who advertise a trial period with money back guarantee are preferable.