Reality Cables made of?

Just saw a post over on AudioCircle wondering whether there's any relation between Reality Cables and THHN wire. Don't know if there's anything to it at all, but the photos on these two websites do look kind of similar.

Note that the THHN code refers to thermoplastic, nylon-sheathed, and PVC-covered wire.
Buy some of each. Compare them. Report back.

Thanks in advance.
THHN makes great speaker need 4 wires - 2 plus, 2 minus, - try it.
Yes, AudioCircle has a number of threads on DIY THHN speaker cables.

But what about interconnects? Based on the rather blurry photos on the website, that's what it looks like the Reality ICs might be made of.
Even if that is where Gregg gets it from the speaker cables are still a tremendous value. His soldering and vampire RCA's make it worth it at that price.
I found that THHN sounds better not solder...but then, Gregg might be better at soldering than I...