anyone have direct experience using both of these amps (preferably with the same speakers for comparison)?? Need objective opinions.
I do not but bear in mind that the Adcom reportedly was manufactured by at least 3 suppliers. Adcom was only a marketing firm, buying units from OEM suppliers. While Bryston of course makes their own products and can supply parts and do repairs, which might be difficult with the Adcom. They also have a great warranty that is transferable while Adcom sold its consumer electronics business to Klein in 2002 according to Stereophile. These reasons would indicate to me that Bryston would be the safer choice.
The Adcom is not in the same league with the Bryston.
the word..'bass' slight nod to bryston
I have heard both amps, go with the Bryston. Build quality is high and reputation is high for longevity... also sounds better, less grain and hash.
Comparing that model of Adcom to a Bryston is like comparing a 22 caliber to a 357.
what about compared to the 3B? remember im not mentioning the ST or SST versions. only the originals. Weren't Adcoms designed by Mr. Pass?
Again, buy the Bryston if those are your two choices.
In my post I was leaning over backward to be fair. While design is important build quality is even more so and reportedly the 555s from different sources did not sound the same so you do not really know what you are getting. I have not had Bryston but they are recognized as a top amp by everyone, the 555 was a good amp for the money. Unless the Adcom is half the price or less and the difference is important I would get the Bryston.
you did not mention which type of speakers you are driving.
the 555 can sound bright on some; benefits greatly from parts upgrades. The 555 Mk2 has a bigger power supply than the original, but still small when compared to the Bryston.
The bryston will give you more bottom end control. A more fair comparison to the Bryston would be the Parasound 2200 Mk2. The Adcom while at its price point is OK, is not in the same league as the Bryston or Parasound 2200 Mk2.
I haven't heard these in the same system with the same speakers as you had requested, but I have heard them both. This is an easy one, Get the Bryston!

I would consider Bryston Class B
and Adcom Class C based on the Stereophile rating system.

You may also like a McCormak, as it has better midrange than the Bryston, however not as deep bass. So it really depends on the speakers you plan on hooking them up to.

Thanks guys. This is for a studio monitoring setup and will be running NS10's or Tannoy System 8 DMT. I currently use a Hafler DH500 on the NS10's and it has a lovely warm creamy character (like a Neve mic pre). I had borrowed a Bryston 3B for a while and that was "harsher" than the DH500, but I would say more "accurate". I would like an amp that makes me mixdown a "warmer" sound, so the Adcom sounds like it would point me in that direction since it has a tendency to be brighter. Its a tool for a job.
Fourfour said:

"I would like an amp that makes me mixdown a "warmer" sound, so the Adcom sounds like it would point me in that direction since it has a tendency to be brighter. Its a tool for a job."

This sounds counter-intuitive to me but you're the "professional".

You want bright....the Adcom will give it to you, in spades.