Real world experience with the Funk or Funk V TT

Have read favorable reviews on the Funk Firm's (of Pink Triangle fame) new basic Funk and the upgraded Funk V TT. I am wondering if anyone owns one or has had a chance to listen critically to this relatively inexpensive TT. As well, any comparisons with say the JA Michell Tecnodec ? Thanks for your opinions.
It might be more helpful to the OP if you answered his question rather than questioning my hearing. (Btw my hearing is excellent thanks). I'm pleased that you're happy with your purchase and it satisfies your needs.

I would reckon that a used Garrard 401 (in a massy, solid plinth) at half the price of the Funk V would do a far better job - more punch, more dynamic and better speed stability.

I find it useful to read comments from others about the products they didn't buy and why - it's usually more insightful than the gushing prose we all write about the shiny new toys that we actually do buy.
Ok, somebody flush and turn on the exhaust fan...lets get back to what this table is about.

I too am interested in what your experiences are Matt. I love the fact that it is not the same as most square boxes. It looks to be another interpretation in engineered density wood of what the Solution and others have been trying in other materials.

Matt, we want the Funk! Speak on...
I noticed in a number of recent mags, very positive reviews for the Funk Vector (v) TT. This includes: HiFi+ (vol 46), recent The Absolute Sound, and HiFi News. I am curious, other than Matt, has anyone else bought the Vector and what do they have to say about it. Perhaps, Matt wants to share some further experience since June.

THanks for the feedback!



A little late to this discussion, forgive me, but having recently taken receipt of a Funk V I was keen to read about others' experiences. If you'll indulge me, my two penneth...

Overall I'm extremely happy with my purchase, especially so as it came about via an entre-nous deal with a distributor friend and I managed to beat him down to £350, at this price it's a ludicrously good deal.

Had I paid full price however, there are a couple of features that I think warrant attention. My Funk came with a little packet of O-rings to place the feet upon, this is clearly a spontaneous solution to the sorbothane feet allowing the table to lean. The material has been chosen for a reason and most likely contributes to the near-silent running but I think they could have been attached to the plinth in a more robust fashion. The shaky feel to the turntable as you switch on doesn't suggest solid build quality, although it's a (sort of) cosmetic quibble. On a similar note, I'd have also expected a slightly better power supply for my money than the default wall wart transformer that screams '£3.99 from Maplin'.

What is good though is very good - the thrust bearing and sub-platter are well engineered and here the quality isn't in doubt, the 'vector drive' makes perfect contact and provides a stable, silent rotation. I was sceptical about such a lightweight platter but it appears to perform beautifully. Fitted with an RB300 arm (attached in seconds, the VTA riser is another welcome addition) and Denon DL-160 cartridge I'm having an absolute hoot spinning records with it, it's a solid and convincing upgrade from my Planar 3.

I think this is an enjoyably revealing turntable that's a pleasure to listen to, at £760 it seems overpriced but had I got exactly the same sound from a more 'solid' feeling turntable I wouldn't call the price into question, the novel choice of materials is a double-edged sword in making for some authentic sonic gains against a somewhat 'plasticky' feel.

At the price I paid though, none of this matters. Two thumbs up!