real Van den Hul?

I recently purchased what were advertised here on Audiogon as Van den Hul MC Silver MK II XLR interconnects that were described to be "true balanced".

I was doing a bit more research (after purchase) and found on the manufacturers site that the current version of these cables is called "MC Silver MK II BALANCED". The description makes it sound like the BALANCED moniker is for an update to the MC Silver MK II.

The cables I've purchased don't look like the current version. Different color cabling insulation and connector appearance.

Anyone have thoughts about figuring out which version I have? This is a European manufacturer and I can't find their email. Don't want to call. I have asked via their Facebook site.
there are many Ebay sellers and Far East sellers offering fake or knock-ooff product that are not genuine OEM authorized VDH cables.

The questions arise in

(a) varying quality cheap cable build in the fakes and also
(b) the fakes may have different color pallettes as a potential red flag of authenticity, and
(c) OEM originals vs. fakes/knock-offs differ especially in the cheap subsitute connectors in the latter.

It could be that the cable is genuine but the connectors are 3rd party...
or it could be a shameless fake .....or ....?? VDH will authorize them for you if you send them to VDH but they will likely seize and destroy them if they are fakes and you will be SOL .....full stop.

VDH has big red font cautions on their website warning of the many fakes out there

as an example: extracts below

".....The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID’s high purity dense silver coated stranded shield and inner conductors, as well as its throughout applied HULLIFLEX ® 4 polymer insulation material furthermore provide an optimal protection against chemical (corrosive) attack from the outside world and ensure a very long lifespan.

With all features on board for an uncompromised and long lasting performance, The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID is the ultimate choice for the critical audiophile and professional.

IMPORTANT WARNING! - Fake copies on the market

As with any company who makes successful products there are always people who are copying them, no matter whether you are in the perfume, watch, clothing or cable industry. Please note that there are some fake copies of The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID around. They can be very easily recognized, even without knowing all the security markings placed on and inside the cable:

See image:

The copy has a more green than gold PVC shiny jacket.
The writing on the cable is different from the original one:

Original: Van den Hul M.C. THE MAINSSTREAM HYBRID >Halogen free< VDE-Reg.-Nr. 7824 CE
Please note that the VDE-Reg. mark came after 2005

Copy: van den Hul M.C. THE MAINSSTREAM HYBRID >Halogen free<

The copy also has non-original connectors, some marked C-320 or P-320.
The back of the connectors says MADE IN HOLLAND instead of VAN DEN HUL.
The copied American plug has no ground pin.
The copied UK plug is black where we use a white one with our logo in gold printed on it.
There is no Linear Structured Carbon ® inside so the function is just the same as (or worse than) any other standard € 5,- electricity cable bought at your local hardware store.
Please don’t use this cable. It is dangerously bad constructed and terminated.
There is a very realistic chance of malfunction causing damage to your equipment at best and the chance of being electrocuted or causing a fire at worst.