Real time sample rate playback adjustment

Does anyone have an idea or know of a way to adjust the sample rate playback of a DAC by means of adjusting the clock in real-time? What I mean by adjusting, is not stepping such as 44.1k to 88.2k or 96k. I want to be able to take a CD source and with a rotary dial, turn the sample rate up or down like adjusting playback speed on a tape-machine. I have found a few decks that will adjust the playback speed up to at most +/- 12% I want to be able to go to at least +/- 50%. The only way I found to do this with hardware (but not CD playback) is to use a Tascam Mx 24-24 and a Sony DMX-100 console with the clock synced to the clock of the DMX-100 to adjust the playback speed. This requires the process of loading all the tracks on to the Mx24-24 first. I do not want to use a PC. I just want to be able to put a CD into a transport then adjust the sample rate playback speed in real-time up to +/- 50%.