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After reading Jim Smith's Get Better Sound I am considering purchasing a real time analyzer that can measure on at least a 1/3 octave scale. I would like to spend less than $400. I have seen several PC based systems that fall within my price range. Also, the Samson D-1500 falls within my price range. I would appreciate your guidance and recommendations on this topic.

The simplest RTA is TrueRTA (freeware for low res but inexpensive)which comes in various resolution levels up to 1/24 octave.

Next up is RoomEQWizard (freeware) which does RTA as well as many other equally important functions.

Both of these require you to add a microphone which can range from the Radio Shack SLM or Behringer+mic preamp.

There is a nice package of software+hardware, that will do RTA plus other useful functions, called xtz.

All of these can be implemented for under $400. There are, undoubtedly, others but I have used all of these.


Also, there is R&D
Behringer DEQ2496.
Second the DEQ2496, for an inexpensive RTA(1/6 oct): ( Often found on eBay too: ( The Mic is extra, if bought new, BTW.
Anybody know of software that works with phase/delay? Aside from DEQX and Holm.
Thank you for your kind responses. Looks like the DEQ2496 is far more than just an RTA. Presumably, I can use the tuned microphone from my Velodyne DD12 with the DEQ. Thanks again for your assistance.
R+D, TEF work with phase/delay, depending on what you mean.

If you have an android phone, there is a free app to do this. Its not as accurate of course, but its free, and you can get an idea of where your room is.

John C.
Thanks Kal

Didn't find R&D
TEF looks very competent but, being hardware based, is also expensive.
Led me to Smaart v7, ($895) which is closer to what I imagined.
R+D: [url][/url]
Generally, it's not the software, but the quality of the microphone that can introduce variables.

Ideally, the mic could be a condenser omni, calibrated to the system.

Never a dynamic cardiod, as is found in the Radio Shack meters.
I know this response is a little late but I use a Behringer Ultracurve Pro (under $300) and a calibrated mic ($50 from your local Guitar Center). I use this unit for speaker building measurments, Audio system setup, PA system control when I gig, recording, and final mixdowns. Incredibly flexible piece of gear.