REAL Sub/sat satisfaction? Can it be done?

Can you really get good integration with a stand-mounted monitor and a sub? Most I've heard are not even close, but it seems do-able on paper. I'm thinking for 2 channel music, and some HT...

I think a great full range combo would be:

Reference 3A decapo i w/Rel sub....

Anyone done it? Would it work?
Wow...would love to hear going GMA Europas with HSU,Adire, or used SUnfire JR. myself...
I've had very good luck with my REL sub and Sonus Faber Electa Amator I's, Signums, and Silverline SR17. I suspect that some problems come when people use low pass filters to feed their monitors less than the full range signal their crossovers were designed to anticipate.

I think it's important to first get the main speakers as dialed in as possible without use of the sub, and then add the sub in. After a while with the Signums, I had to go back to the beginning and get them positioned for the least bass, consistent with good imaging, and adding the bass from there.

Don't rely on frequency response numbers shown for the main speakers for a cutoff point, and try all the phase settings for the best match. It's easy to spend a week or two to get it all sorted out with a new combination.
Absolutely! And with some care in setup, will actually work better than comparable cost full-range speakers. This of course assumes quality subs are being used. REL, Aerial, Audio Physic, MartinLogan, to name a few. Forget it if you're trying to subwoof on the cheap. A note on REL: there is a GIANT leap in performance when you get to the Stadium level, so if at all possible, try to go at least this far right out of the gates.