Real Standup Men Audiogon Members to the Rescue

For those of you who have not heard, we intended to launch the new Tenor 300 watt monoblocks this year at CES and unfortunately, one of the 300 watt mono prototypes and one of the 75 watt integrated amps were stolen off of a palette containing 6 crates. The amps are useless to anyone unless they are looking to drive a center channel or are into 1 channel audio.

The new prototypes were to be used with the Kharma Midi Grands and the 75's were to go into the Rockport Antares room. We were without product for either of these rooms. Wednesday, late morning, I called Mike Lavigne (mikelavigne) and Dale Ediger (Oakrow), my very good friends and both loyal Tenor owners and told them what occurred. Both of them left work and went home where they proceeded to crate their amplifiers and send them to us in Vegas via same day service.

When you see pictures of the Tenor/Kharma room and the Tenor/Rockport room, you are looking at Mike and Dale's personal amplifiers.

Needless to say, they saved the show for us. I cannot thank them enough and they both have my eternal gratitude for their generousity and thoughtfulness.

You guys are THE BEST!!!

Thanks from:

Jonathan Tinn
Kharma Loudspeakers
Rockport Technologies
Tenor Audio
WOW I hadn't heard that yet- Mike and Dale way to go! This is sort of what happened at Stereophile last year when Bill loaned out his Tenors :) you guys are a real asset to this hobby. I think I am going to go visit the local tenor's up here tonight- happy listening gentlemen ~Tim
Its great to have friends.
I'd like to think that I have the convictions to "stand up" like that should the circumstance ever present itself. But until then...kudos to Mike and Dale. Yes, friends are good; good friends are great!
What were the serial #'s of the stolen goods. Who knows, there might be a chance we can help some more?
Jtinn; sorry about your loss, and it really is guys like your friends Mike and Dale that truly make this place special. Kudos to them. Craig