Real Standup Men Audiogon Members to the Rescue

For those of you who have not heard, we intended to launch the new Tenor 300 watt monoblocks this year at CES and unfortunately, one of the 300 watt mono prototypes and one of the 75 watt integrated amps were stolen off of a palette containing 6 crates. The amps are useless to anyone unless they are looking to drive a center channel or are into 1 channel audio.

The new prototypes were to be used with the Kharma Midi Grands and the 75's were to go into the Rockport Antares room. We were without product for either of these rooms. Wednesday, late morning, I called Mike Lavigne (mikelavigne) and Dale Ediger (Oakrow), my very good friends and both loyal Tenor owners and told them what occurred. Both of them left work and went home where they proceeded to crate their amplifiers and send them to us in Vegas via same day service.

When you see pictures of the Tenor/Kharma room and the Tenor/Rockport room, you are looking at Mike and Dale's personal amplifiers.

Needless to say, they saved the show for us. I cannot thank them enough and they both have my eternal gratitude for their generousity and thoughtfulness.

You guys are THE BEST!!!

Thanks from:

Jonathan Tinn
Kharma Loudspeakers
Rockport Technologies
Tenor Audio
It is great that freinds jumped in to help. It is sad that this sort of theft happens. It reminds me of the time Leo Kottke had his guitars stolen out of the back of a van at at concert.
Jonathan: Sorry to hear of the losses and hope that you can recover the stolen merchandise in good shape. As far as Mike and Dale are concerned, they must really love these products to go as far as they did to help support Tenor. Besides the time and labor involved, they both risked personal loss and / or damage to the items when in transit. Kudo's to them for having the conviction to support what they like and guts to go through with such a request. I'm sure that Tenor will not forget their kindness. Sean
Props to the heros who rode to the rescue. Sean points out well, lots of people might have been willing to help, but these two actually did it.

I'm impressed. It's seems to be getting harder and harder to find "stand up" guys like these but easier to find the low life scum who stole your products.

I'm proud to be part of the same community!
WOW I hadn't heard that yet- Mike and Dale way to go! This is sort of what happened at Stereophile last year when Bill loaned out his Tenors :) you guys are a real asset to this hobby. I think I am going to go visit the local tenor's up here tonight- happy listening gentlemen ~Tim
Its great to have friends.
I'd like to think that I have the convictions to "stand up" like that should the circumstance ever present itself. But until then...kudos to Mike and Dale. Yes, friends are good; good friends are great!
What were the serial #'s of the stolen goods. Who knows, there might be a chance we can help some more?
Jtinn; sorry about your loss, and it really is guys like your friends Mike and Dale that truly make this place special. Kudos to them. Craig
I agree with Garfish. I also bet that Mike and Dave know the kind of man Jtinn is. Very easy to want to help out a person like Jtinn. You know he would do it for you.
A heartwarming story for sure. I do hope you get your stolen goods back, particularly the prototype - that must be quite a setback to have lost. Very best of luck. I'm sure your misfortune will at least serve as a valuable lesson for all other exhibitors in the future (make sure someone stays with your product all the time, the whole way in).
Those of you that know Jonathan and how well he represents his industry and his customers would understand why guys like Mike and Dale willingly came to his rescue. I've never had the pleasure of meeting any of them in person, but I am a customer of Jonathan's and have spoken with Mike a number of times and all I can say is that one gets the feeling when dealing with Jonathan that you become part of the family and family will always be there when you need them.
That's what makes it all worth while, your friends.
Faster than a speeding Halcro amplifier, more powerful than a pair of Pass X-1000s, able to leap tall SoundLabs in a single bound!!! . . . . and who, disguised as mikelavigne, mild mannered Sirius III D.J. (and Honda purveyor) fights a never ending battle for harmonic truth, Tenor justice and the American audiophile way!!!! It was a pleasure meeting you finally Mike!! You and Jonathan have not only been two of the most helpful people around, but you guys are just plain fun to be around. Way to go buddy, my hat's off to you and Dale for rescuing the audio damsels in distress - class acts all the way!!

Jonathan (the often imitated and never duplicted cruise director and phone conferencing wizard), Mike (a/k/a "Superaudiophile), Bills (both Eichengrun [pass the Armegnac please] and Parrish), Paul (Bill's cool son), Mark (you be da way kewl doctor - Noah Wyle eat yer heart out), Francois, Robert, Stephan and Michelle (the swarthy Tenor clan), Patrick (United We Stand), Andy and Mike (the laid back geniuses of the Rockport Empire - "Can I hear some Kenny G?" NOT!), thanks a ton for making CES so darn much fun (in spite of the bug that invaded my sickly body!)

I hope you all made it home safe and healthy!!


PS - those new Tenors are as physically beautiful as the 75 watters are musically beautiful!!!!
If you have ever met Jonathan, you can easily understand why Michael and Dale stepped up. You do get the feeling that once you have dealt with him you do become part of the family. Nice thread Frank.
Good going to Mike and Dale! It says quite a bit when you ship your 20K amplifier across the country to help out a friend.

I have to note Jonathan would do the same for his friends too. I've seen him go out of his way to help others on many occasions.
Cyrus buddy, I am so sorry I forgot to mention you in my last thread - remnants of this illness I am afraid (no, not audio nervosa, but the nasty sinus infection and bronchitis that has me home in bed - but the Kharmas arriving tomorrow will help ameliorate the pain!)!! It was great meeting you as well and I hope you had as good of time as I did. I will talk atcha soon my friend!!

Having a senior (no, not Mark) moment in Michigan!!

before Dale and I are actually canonized saints i would point out that our activities are typical of most serious audiophiles that i know. as a group, audiophiles are mostly helpful, sharing people that like to support others of their ilk. there are many on this site that have been similarly quick to aid one another with loaned gear and friendly advice.

i do feel a special connection with Jonathan's Rat-Pack Brotherhood......the friendships and shared audio experiences have been priceless to me and if i go a little out of my way to is definitely worth it.

Frank, i seem to have lost my cape.....did i leave it with you?.....i tried leaping over my Exquisites.....oooouuuccchhh!!!
Frank- You met the armganac, I am very sorry. Like most of the finer things in life its hard to turn back when you've had the best! That being said I have a nice large bottle of '74 sitting next to my system :) its like having a new component!
You Reap What You Sow... Jonathan's commitment to his customers and his manufacturers is absolutely without peer, in my experience. In this trying time for the high-end here's a shining beacon to help us find our way down the rocky road and put the fun back into this hobby. There's a wonderful sense of discovery and excitement when I talk with the other members of THE FAMILY about all things audio! I'm proud to consider myself a part of this great extended family. Mike and Dale - you guys TOTALLY ROCK !!!
Someone hand me a hanky... :)

Seriously though, its nice to hear a nice story. More of them and the hiend wouldn't, on occasion, go so low.

So, Mike, what do you think about some new Tenors at a, ummmm, nice accomodation price....
Actually Tim, I didn't meet the Armegnac, I just admired it from afar! (the bottle was big enough to see from another time zone). From your post, I should be glad I didn't, all I need is ANOTHER expensive addiction!!!!

St. Mike, I have yer cape. You lost it while leaping over the Exquisites when you landed on the Sirius III (apparently, you snagged it on the Colibri). Not to worry, you don't need to have a straight cantilever on that crappy ol' needle anyway, just put a penny on the tonearm and yer back in business! Besides, look at the bright side, I am sure Jonathan has a "cape" connection and can conference in everyone in Metropolis who has one!!!!



PS - the Kharmas arrived today. I think I will use them as surrounds and keep the Bose Acoust-a-Mess for the front channels!!
Asa, i did order a set of the new 300 watt hybrid Tenors (as did 10 to 15 other Tenor fans), but i am just a retail customer like everyone else. a long time ago i deceided i wanted to stay on the consumer side of high end audio......i work in retail 55 hours a week.....hifi is just fun for me.

a little cynicism is expected......believe what you will.
Asa: I guess you cry at family get-togethers too !!
Hey Frank, that everybody kept confusing me with Noah Wyle was the only irritating part of the CES experience for me. But not quite as much of a problem as when I'm mistaken for Brad Pitt. Given my glabrous dome and old, creaky, arthritic housing it's also somewhat an enigma. Alas, someone must shoulder such burdens of misperception :-) It was nice seeing all you whacko's in Vegas and putting faces( however frightening) to the voices. Mike and Dale indeed are to be commended. And Jonathan did reap what he's sown. And Mike, Hi-fi is "just" fun for you, and JT hardly ever says "hold on my other phone :-).
A little off for a favor isn't a negative thing, its the same thing a manuf would get from a retailer so he's not out anything. That's capitalism at its best, at least as I understand it, and, assumably, in retail, wherever it is.

Anyway then, nice tip of the hat even if no tip back, and I know you didn't expect one.

Let us know how you like the 300's when you get a chance.

Thanks gain for the nice story.

Does anybody know of a site where stolen audio equipment can be listed?

I just bought a McIntosh MC 2102 2 weeks ago, via Audiogon, and it was "stolen/lost" while in transit via Fedex. According to the tracking # it got as far as their transfer station before they lost it. It's kind of hard to loose a 125lb box measuring 30x30.

I figure I could post the S/N so if the bone head tries to sell it, here or ebay, I might have a slim chance of nabbing the bastard!