Reag P-5 with Ortofon 2M Bronze...???

Please refer to my "sytem" to see what I now use for my musical enjoyment. Everything works together beautifully to create a realistic soundstage, precise imaging, instrumental truth of timbre, and all-around listening pleasure. Most of my vinyl collection is small ensemble jazz (Miles, Rollins, Brubeck, Coltrane, Monk, all the Blue Note guys, MJQ, Ellington, Ella, etc, etc.) and the classic rock from my college days (Dead, Allmans, Dylan, CSNY, Joni, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, etc.) Most of my listening, these days, is the jazz stuff.

It's now time to say goodbye to my NAD 533 set-up, and upgrade my analog front end. The Rega P-5 seems like a great table for my Rogue and Vandersteens, and I'm thinking of the Ortofon 2M Bronze......I want to stay with the MM phono stage in my Cronus. My budget is $ 1500 - 1800 total. What do you guys think ?? Other ideas ?? Thanks.
A decked out KAB Technics 1210M5 with an Ortofon 2M Black would fit in perfectly!
You might want to look at the Marantz TT15. This table is made by Clearaudio and is an upgraded version of their Emotion TT. AT $1595 list including a really good Clearaudio cartridge I can't see how you could go wrong. My son has one and it sounds almost as good as the Clearaudio Performance turntable.

Good Luck!
Stick to the Rega. It's a great table and popular for a reason. Easily better than both the Marantz and KAB when updated with the power supply and the groovertracer sub platter. You
..just my opinion, but I would rethink the Ortofon decision. Listen to Benz and personal favs, but surely the choice is yours. If you do go with Ortofon, inspect it very carefully for any misalignment or other factory defects before you accept it.
I bought a P5 and am very happy with it, and I also got the Rega Exact 2 cartridge, which does a very nice job, and just about any dealer should give you a deal on it since you are buying the table, too.
You'll definitely outdo the NAD get some good tunes within your budget!

Good choice Sheldon60...I've heard a "stock" SL1210 w/ the 2M Black - very nice indeed! KAB has a whole laundry list of fun stuff for the 1200.

Lots of good table choices in your range - the Regas are definitely contenders! Also, you might want to consider some of the better HOMC carts that will work with your Cronus (e.g., Dynavector, Denon). If you're up for a boatload of reading, head on over to The Vinyl Asylum - lots of info and lots of "opinion" to wade through : )

Enjoy the search - good luck!
You can get a VPI scout used for $1100. That leaves money for a cartridge and the VPI has multiple upgrade paths. It is very good in stock form and can be even better. Don't worry about buying used from someone with a track record. I have been a dealer for at least 6 turntable companies and taken in numerous ones used and bought others used and I can't remember ever having problems. Currently using table purchased used in 1993.