Ready to upgrade Please advise

I have a Thorens TD 160 and a B & O Beogram RX2. I am ready to swap these both off and upgrade. Any advise as to where to go from here? I would think somewhere in the $500-$750 range. Thanks for your help.
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Which one? Pro-ject 2.9 wood OR Pro-ject RM4 OR Rega 3? Thanks
Any suggestions?
I think you have a good table already in the Thorens.It might be better to upgrade the table using the advice found on this site. The money can be spent on a better cartridge or something.
At that price range a good Music Hall or Pro-Ject can be had. They seem to offer a better value for the money. VPI would be even better if you can find one. Enjoy.
Durr3, I see a nice Pro-Ject 2.9 Wood on eBay right now.
I saw the Pro-Ject 2.9 Wood on eBay. What is a good price for it? Thanks
Durr3, the price is up to you. What are you willing to pay verses someone willing to pay more. I believe the 2.9 Wood listed for about $795.00 when new without the moving coil cartridge. The Blue Point goes for about $300 new. So start with $1095 then subtract for age, condition and what have you. It's a beautiful deck so chances are other people have there eyes on it as well. The important thing to remember is that this should always be fun.
Oh, I always have fun. I buy and sell stereo equipment and photography equipment quite often. It is fun evolving into different systems. Keeps it interesting. Thanks -Durr