Ready to Throw my Wadia 6i out the window. HELP

I have a Modded 6i from Wadia. I love the CD player when it doesn't skip. The player is level, clean, and has been back to Wadia several times. I need a new Player. What else is out there with Volume, Balanced outs, built in DAC, and can by-pass a Pre-amp. Like to stay under 5K. Thanks
Before you chuck your unit for whatever,contact Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound.He's a former Wadia engineer
who does mods and repairs on alot of stuff besides Wadia.He did repairs to my 10 yr. old Wadia 8 transport with outstanding results.The guy is extremely well regarded.If he can't fix your unit,nobody can.

To me it sounds like you described a used audio aero capitole MKI or if your really lucky MKII. It does everything you want it to, and sounds- to me- leaps and bounds better then the wadia. You should consider the accuphase DP-75v as well, though the capitole is a more analog sounding player(tubed output and analog volume- NOT digital) some prefer the Accuphase unit. You can't go wrong with either and they will sound more musical then the Wadia.
I second Denman's recommendation to contact Steve Huntley at Great Northen Sound. In addition to being very knowlegable, Steve will go above and beyond the call of duty to help his customers.
Can I stand under the window?
Best luck, Marty.
Marty: You might want to find out just how far of a drop it is from the window to ground level before you start volunteering for such a job : ) Sean
Sean, do you remember a skit called "catch it and keep it" from National Lampoon's touchstone album "Radio Dinner"?
No, i never heard that one but i bet i can guess the premise behind the skit : ) Sean
I seem to recall from one of my conversations with Wadia that the transport in the 6 is obsolete and unreplaceable, so you may have an expensive boat anchor on your hands. But I also encourage you to call GNSC; if Steve can't help no one can. Don't extrapolate your troubles with the 6 to other Wadias; they are of exceptional quality, both build and sound, and use very high quality transports now. I sold my Wadia to buy an AA (24/192) because of all the hype, found that it wasn't all that it is cracked up to be, and actually went back to Wadia, feeling that it is more accurate and less colored overall (not to mention much higher build quality). The AA is very "seductive", but often left me feeling as if it was smoothing things over. I know others will disagree, and claim that it is "analog-sounding", but I felt that it was more than just that. It all depends on your priorities, and what sort of colorations you can live with and what ones you can't.
You can get a used Mark Levinson 390S (probably a little over $5,000) which is one of the best players available, or for a lot less and almost as good, the Resolution Audio Opus 21 - both have an excellent analog volume control.