Ready to Pull the Trigger on a Record Cleaning Machine...

Hello all!

I'm finally ready to pull the trigger on an US RCM, however, I'm still undecided over what frequency unit would be the best choice:  the standard 40 kHz, ultra-high 132 kHz or a variable sweep range unit of 37-80 kHz?

I'm looking at the units on's website along with their mounting system bundles, especially since you can buy/replace the components you need instead of the entire machine.  Plus, I really like the powered-fan drying capability.

Thanks for any suggestions...Happy Listening!



if you want to know everything there is to know about record cleaning machines, read this thread. in the first post there are links to other related threads. whatever answer you are looking for will be there somewhere.

personally; i now own a KLAudio RCM, but i've also owned a VPI 16.5 RCM, 3 different Audiodesk RCM's, and 2 Loricraft RCM's. so i know a little about them. but not compared to the author of that thread.

I use the most basic (all that was available at the time) cleanervinyl system with the separate drying fan.  I have a cheap 40 kHz tank that is the first wash.  Records go into this one after brushing and still wet with disc doctor cleaner.  The 132 kHz tank is the rinse tank.  I run a filter (cleanervinyl) in it and change the distilled water regularly if cleaning used records.  I got the 132 from vibratollc, but it looks like they are not making them anymore.  I used a dead cheap 40 kHz tank for drying so I don’t have to drain water to dry.  I think the newer and more expensive cleanervinyl systems lift the records.  The records come out sounding fantastic, and I don’t worry/obsess over contamination from dirty felt lips or platter surfaces.