Readers Digest Classical Collections should be reissued

Someone should talk to Analogue Productions to make a limited run of the Beethoven Cycle and A Festival in Light Classical Music by Readers Digest.  Every time I listen to them I cannot believe these have been overlooked as they are some of the best classical recordings and performances available.  Chesky did reissue a few on vinyl but most were just on CD and they could have been better.  I cannot believe with all the Living stereo reissues that these have been overlooked.  They are just as good as any Living Stereo if not better.  They are some of Deccas finest.  Does anyone know why these have been avoided?  Seems strange as I would think most audiophiles would be all over these.
Another worth while ones to look for are the Franklin Mint "100 Greatest Recordings of All Time." I have a complete set in mint condition ... but I paid full boat for them at the time. Today, they can be bought really cheap. All of them are on heavy red vinyl. The historical stuff isn't that great sounding, but there's a Brahms set that is really great. 
My Stepfather always bought them....I wish they were in good condition but sadly  there not....
The other desirable set is called Treasury of Great Music