reader assembly in PS Audio Lambda II transport

My question is regarding the reader assembly used in the PS Audio Lambda II transport. I have some sources that call it the CDM 9, whiles others say CDM 9/44. Is there a difference between these? Which one does the Lambda II use? Note that's *II* (the newer version of the Lambda).
CDM 9/44 is the full model name for CDM-9.

AFAIK Lambda used CDM-9Pro (9/60) transport mechanism though - you have to open yours to check.
Yeah, I have a guy working on my Lambda II so I don't have it at the moment, but he says it's labeled CDM-9 PRO just like you said. Is the CDM 9/44 a drop-in replacement?
On some players, it does work, on other - doesn't. From what I have heard, with Lampbda it may be hit or miss.