Reaction to : Bedini-Ultra Clarifier II

I Recently bought a Bedini Clarifier II ( dual-beam ) - heard all sorts of Great Reviews on it ( lowering the noise floor, hence - more detail and more Open soundstage/presentation ), so I purchased one! With what Little time I used it/listened to it - I Really HAVE NOT heard "Much" Difference ( may be a little ? ). Has Anyone else also Experienced that or am I just going "BATTY" ( and/or am I being SUCKED into the Audiophile Tweaking Domain )?? Is it Worth the $$ ?? Looking for Opinions/Feedback Please!!
I have the single beam version and quit using it because I could hear/see no difference on cds/dvds. I think the difference it makes is psychological.
I bought the Bedini Ultra Clarifier, earlier version, used. It does help marginally, so I'm glad I paid $25 for it and not retail. I don't use it much, mostly for DVD's. It's basically to eliminate static, I think.
Hey aren't Mr Bedini and Shun Mook related to Shaki?? Are there any more relatives to this family,,,, I hear they all live in nice big houses and have great systems..??
To my ears, the use of a Bedini Ultra Clarifier has resulted in a blacker background ( lower noise floor ), more "liquid" midrange and a more natural presentation.

My Brother borrowed mine and took it to his house. His opinion was that it lowered the noise floor and produced a more liquid midrange.

Neither of us thinks that the results are "in your face" blatant, but they are noticeable if you pay attention. Given that the results of "Bedini treatment" are rather subjective, i would try to buy one used or borrow one on a trial basis. If you can't hear a difference, don't waste your money. Sean
never have tried the Bedini myself, but I have experimented with
(1) a bulk magnetic tape eraser &
(2) a Zerostat gun
tried these on a few CD's - but I heard no differences at all.

Antistatic spray (Endust for Electronics) applied to the label side of CD has made some discernable improvements on some discs.

Shakti Stone electromagnetic stabilizer didn't so a thing for my CDP either, but when atop a Synergistic Research Master Control Center placed just above the transformer, the stage wasn't simply improved, it absolutely exploded wide open.
I agree with Sean.

By the way Bob B., they say not to use antistatic sprays on SACD's. I don't know why, and wonder if it is OK to use the "green audioprism" pen on the edges of the SACD's.

I've got the handheld version of the Bedini clarifier. Total waste of money. Didn't do a thing except keep me from listening to music.
Dennis: I agree with your findings 100%. The instructions with the hand-held Bedini Clarifier state that you should allow the CD to spin for about 10 - 15 seconds with that model. Doing so does nothing in my opinion.

Since the desk-top "Ultra Clarifier" version spins the disc for just over a minute in length, i tried that with the hand-held version. The results were similar to using the Ultra Clarifier. The only problem with doing so is that you have to manually hold the trigger button for that length and the batteries don't last too long. As such, i adapted mine to make use of a toggle switch and converted it to accept a "wall wart" power supply. While one might wonder why i would "need" two of these, i have them set up near different systems as a matter of convenience. Sean
I hear definite results, more so on frequently played but untreated CD's. than on brand new ones. Try doing it 3 times, once label up, then again label down and then again label up. Smoothed out the highs, and blackened the background in my system, acoustic instruments open up a tad, more bloom, but I agree it isn't a huge difference. My take on all these tweaks, is that they all add minor improvements, but when you start to pay attention to numerous details, adding good power cords and recepticals, cleaning wire connections, vibration control, demagnetising etc, the sum of ALL the tweaks becomes quite significant.
come on now Sean you "need" it & y'all "know it" :)

Richard I dunno about sprays & SACD, but I'm talking about the *label* side not the data side.
Regarding marker pens, my only experience was with the black Auric Illuminator pen marker, which did make a big sonic difference which was no good at all. Thinned out the sound badly & was hyper-detailed at best. Fortunately it cleans right off with alcohol & a cotton ball.
My experience is that markers increase reading errors and do nothing beneficial for sonics. Like any other tweak, use them at your own risk. Sean
My experiences are like Sternart's. I use the Furatech unit which I use three times on the top and bottom each time I play. I had both Bedini units as well as the RS bulk eraser and find the Furatech much better and less noisy.
This clarifier is to reduce statis by neuralizing the statis staus of your disc. Statis attracts dirts, dust and small pericles you dont see. Before you clarify your disc, clean the CDs with fresh running water down your tap, leave it out to dry. Use the clarfier afterwards, and the disc will then have a neutral statis status and attracks less particles in air. Perfect smooth surface of your disc can improve sound.

However, improvment is not UP FRONT RIGHT IN YOR FACE. It's subtle and for $50.00 used , you cant expect much.
I felt their were small but noticable improvements in the midrange. The midrange became slightly more prominent and clearer. YMMV. Enjoy listening.