Re-wire of speakers to get more Warmth and resolve across the band


Looking to re-wire my speakers, they currently have simple 16 gauge black/red copper wiring. 

I am looking for a warmer more revealing sound across the board. It has plenty of dynamics and the bass region sounds good to my ears.

Should I go with a high gauge/ grade copper? Go with something like the Furutech or Kimber offerings in bulk?

These are Tekton Pendragons.
Hm yes oxygen free copper. The longer the cable the thicker it should be. Not worth spending 500$+ ) i use audio quest x-2 . Had those fancy mit cables. Did not notice any difference. Sold. I like semis solid. Don’t expect major difference, new reviels. It’s not how u achieve significant sound imporovement. Lots of scientology in wiring, biwiring.
Never knew that about Scientology. Did Leah Remini expose that on her TV show?

re-wire inside the cabinet?

or just change the cables to the speakers?

what are they?

"warmth" is a euphonically elevated mid-range, often associated with tube amps or pre-amps

mea culpa, I like my ARC LS25
What are your speakers??
I’m sorry, but I have to ask.....why?

Why would you want to rewire the inside of your speakers if you are not happy with the sound?
Can we just assume that you have spent countless hours already experimenting with speaker placement and toe-in? As well as addressing any deficiencies in the room?

Personally, if I have spent time/money on speaker placement and room acoustics, I may experiment with some external cables and/or equipment to try and resolve issues, but I would not modify the speakers themselves. I would just sell them and buy speakers that sound better in my room.

Tekton Pendragons are pretty efficient. Have you considered using a different amp to drive them?
Maybe a nice tube amp instead of the Class D amps listed on your system page?

I also feel that you are looking to move in opposite directions at the same time. You say:

I am looking for a warmer more revealing sound across the board.

From my experiences, as resolution increases, warmth decreases, and vice versa. Warmer sound tends to be less revealing sound.

Tekton Pendragos, as stated above.
Yes interior re-wire.
I like the speaker just seeking a little more warmth in the sound. I have placed them pretty much every which way, I have a dedicated room with treatments.

Looking at the Furutech or kimbers looking like < $150, so not a big investment. I have done this before in the past with good results.
I suggest, based on a great deal of experience in this area, going for the Duelund 16 gauge stranded and tinned copper wire in cotton sold at Parts Connextion. $10 yard and better than the wire you mentioned in terms of what you are looking for. It is simply amazing sounding and very affordable. 
Speaker placement and room acoustics long before wiring. :)

I dont think any wiring solution is gonna fix the pendragons.   Trying for more warmth and resolve of a boomy home theater speaker is not gonna happen magically with cable choice.  Some speakers yes but not those speakers.   
The Duelund wire, or any wire for that matter,  cannot be used as an equalizer etc...but this wire can take the edge off the highs and indeed give a slightly more natural sound with a tad of warmth. No, it will not transform the speaker. 

Some me like me find DIY fun, so go for it if the project is fun for you. 
+1 Jmc and grannyring.
Though I think it could be an interesting project, I would call up Tekton and ask them what they think. They built the speaker and would know more about what a change in wire would do in their speaker.
Grannyring, I have not heard the Dueland, but, in the past, have rewired my speakers with Neotech. For what the OP Is asking for, warmth, I would include the Neotech copper as an option. I know you have heard both, so in your opinion, the Dueland is actually warmer?

I was once getting beat up by a Seas XL tweeter and Class D amp, and found Audioquest Type 8 solved the issue, but added a tint on everything. Maybe Audioquest Type 4 bulk? At the end of the road I changed amps, and went back to more open cables, so agree using cables as tone controls is a dead end, but doesn't cost much in this case to rewire the speaker, and should be fun to see the difference.

No doubt the Duelund wire is warmer and more importantly, more open and natural sounding while doing it. Both are very good and would work nicely however.
Thanks for the suggestions guys, I will call Eric at Tekton to get his input too.
I would leave internal wiring alone... Tekton know what they are doing and would never skip investing on the wire if it made a difference.  Just like all reputable speaker manufacturers.
If you want more warmth maybe think about going using a tube product somewhere in the system. If you can't do the power, get a tube preamp. Tubes make less of the higher ordered harmonics that contribute to brightness and so even though they may not have any less bandwidth, they tend to sound more relaxed.

Tubes are often known for a phenomena of 'warmth' which has to do with a bit of 2nd ordered harmonic distortion. Not all tube products do this- usually it occurs when the amp or preamp employs single-ended circuitry with little or no negative feedback.

Our ears perceive the 2nd order as warmth, as a musical quality. OTOH, our ears perceive the higher ordered harmonics (even in trace amounts) as harshness and brightness.
I do have a Norh 9.0. I  rewired them with siltech the improvement is huge....