Re-winding B&W 15" Subwoofer Speaker

I recently posted a question about a failed 15" subwoofer speaker (B&W ASW850 subwoofer). It has just cost me $700 to buy a replacement speaker from B&W, everything works fine now. It would appear the coil on the damaged speaker had become loose, causing a lot of rattling at certain frequencies. Does anyone know if there is a repair center that can rewind this speaker voice coil? The speaker part number is ZZ14102. If I can get it repaired, I will keep the old speaker as a spare, or maybe sell it on.
Sorry about the situation you're facing.

Millersound could have made the repair to your original driver for a fraction of the $700 B&W charged you for a new one. They do this all day long. At any rate, you would think B&W would stand behind the new driver, and some sort of warranty would be in effect.

If that doesn't prove the case, contact Millersound this time around. They don't "rewind" voice coils, but they do replace them with new ones, and again, at very low cost.
Turns out the spider had come un-glued from part of the cone, the voice coil is undamaged. In the end I purchased a new subwoofer from B&W ($700) and everything works fine now. Allen Speaker Reconing in Houston are repairing the original speaker for me now and I will either keep it as a spare or sell it on.