Re: What are the Best Speakers a $1000 could get?

Hi All,

I am a total rookie as far as Speaker system is concerned. I do not know where to find nor what to look for in order to get the best deal out there. But I know exactly what I want out of the budget that I currently have to spend for speakers.

I've got $1,000 and I am looking for the best speakers system that money can buy. I currently have a Denon Receiver AVR- 2805 that I am looking to hook it up with great quality speakers and a sub. I am very interested in a super quality sub. The one that produces a good-clean BOOM without spitting out NOISES that piss neighbors.

My needs are mostly for watching movies, listening to musics, and last but not least, for singing or karaoke.

So folks, I need your help. I believe I've come to the right place and forum here that I can get some great inputs and real recommendations.

Thank you all in advance and I look forward to your precious info.
I would buy them here at the audiogon - get them used and you will end up with more quality for 1K.

He is right about buying used ; hard to give specific recommendations as choices are always changing, I would spend the money on a pair of speakers and add the sub later. Older large speakers might make the sub unnecessary. Some info about room size would make it easier to give advice as well as how loud you will want to play the system and what type of music you listen to.
I have liked Tannoy, some of their lower priced speakers are excellent if you can find some used Mercury (M) or Definition (D) series models. They are efficient so if you ever get the itch to try tubes you should be in good shape. Also, good to check out would be the Sonus Faber Grand Piano Homes used.

The neighbors may be more concerned with your sub-woofer's existence than its performance.

The use of Re: in the subject line is interesting.
Best speakers for $1000.00?Ask 100 people and you will get 100 different answers.You are the only one that can decide what is "best" for you.Example:Many folks rave about Thiel speakers.I find them too bright and hard on my ears.It's best if you can listen to speakers before you buy them.That being said,I have no place around here to audition any equipment.After a lot of research I bought my Tyler Acoustics without hearing them and couldn't be happier.I consider myself lucky.Take recomendations here and do some research and if at all possible,audition what interests you.Give a little more info on what you like in a speaker and you will get better responses.Good Luck.
you really never know ... there is the occasional SUPER deal that comes along but they usually only last for hours if not minutes in some cases

I picked up a $10,000 pair of speakers for $1700 inc shipping not too long ago!

makes it nearly impossible for a specific recommendation!
The advice to find something used on Audiogon is sound.

Try the 'Search' button on the A'Gon homepage, then, type in the first two digits of your zip code in "By Location" and you might find some used speakers in your area that you can demo before you buy.
I would look into DCM loudspeakers at this link:

The TFE-100 and 200 are both in your price range, offer high value for the dollar, and come with a trial period. If you don't like them, you're only out the shipping costs. They are easy to drive, so your AVR should work well with them. I can't promise you won't want a subwoofer, but the TFE-200s I heard didn't need one for music, IMHO.

Buying used is a great idea, money-wise, but if you don't like what you buy, you have to re-sell them and ship them. To me, the time and effort involved in doing that makes buying used speakers that I have not heard unappealing. Unless you go to a dealer showroom specifically to hear used speakers the retailer has for sale, I don't like the idea of abusing the dealer by listening to speakers on display and then buying elsewhere (i.e., Audiogon). Not looking to start a flame-war about dealer shortcomings, but this is something I would not personally be comfortable with.
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Monitor Audio Silver RS6.
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Stereophile's budget list is one place to start looking. Look at those speakers whose retail is not quite double your budget... more or less. think about what's going to run them, your amp, their specs, weight, the sellers feedback, distance, shipping etc. then pull the trigger.

Personally, if for movies and sing along, I'd try getting a nice pair of monitors & sub first. Def Tech Mythos have been rated well. several others have as well.
Great responses so far. Thank you all.

The room size is about 12' x 13'. I prefer 5.1 System.
Today I found the following NHT speakers;

1 Subone - powered sub
2 VT 1.2 Towers used as front speakers
1 VS 1.4 Used as a center channel
2 Superone's as rear channel

I haven't pulled the trigger on this yet .. Still considering how much they're really worth. They are offered at $1,000 include a Marantz SR5000 Receiver.

What's your thought on these, anyone?
That will sound pretty good - that is if you like the sound of NHT. They are well received speakers - I like mine.

Here is a review of the fronts :

As far sa the receiver goes, yours is better - can you get the package without the Marantz for less ?
your biggest problem will be the sub...The lowest priced musical sub that I would recommend is a used James EMB-1000 but that will eat up your budget. (it doesn't gives realistic bass).

For speakers, you won't go wrong with used NHT's...L5's are going for $125 or so on ebay, but they need a sub.
If the Marantz has a multi-channel input, I would use it as an amplifier only. AVRs like this Marantz and your Denon are known for less than rated power output when multiple channels are driven simultaneously. Using the Marantz to power, say, just the front L/R channels is a good cheap way to get more juice for your speakers. And NHT speakers like-a da juice!
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FWIW, I think it best to buy amplification for speakers, not speakers for amplification. I'd see what the used market would get for your reciever and then consider starting over.

...isn't that the same thing, buying speakers for amps or vice versa? Why would one method be better than the other?

I'm thinking which ever way is taken, wouldn't the same criterias or needs still be in force?
I think what he means is that once you find speakers you like, then you know what you need in an amplifier and the speakers will determine the sound of the system to a much greater degree so you should decide on it first, and the speaker will drive what you need the amplifier to do, how much power you will need, and even whether you can choose between tubes and SS.
NHT are very good speakers, and the SuperOne is a terrific monitor. You could assemble a very nice system with four SuperOne speakers, an NHT subwoofer, and an NHT center speaker of your choice.

That said, I think $900 is a little high for this particular combo at this point in time.

To get a good idea of the present market value for these speakers, I suggest going to E-Bay and doing a search for "NHT speaker", and then selecting "Completed Items" in the left column of links.

For example, NHT 2.1 towers (better speakers than the VS 1.2), sold recently for $158/pair, and NHT SuperOnes sold for $147/pair.