Re-tubing Jadis DA7

Has anyone re-tube one of these amps? I used 6550 for output but having problems finding the best 12AU7 and the 12AX7 tubes for the input stage. I have tried a few EH but find the sound quality inferior to the originals. It seems the new batches of EH tubes are not as good as the older batches. Could anyone tell me where I could buy stock tubes that are in top conditions?
Thank you
Get them from RAM tubes. Not cheap but they work great in this amp.

If you're willing to spend the money, I have found Telefunken tubes to work very well in Jadis equipment; another alternative is older EI tubes. If not, agree with Wendell's post above, RAM tubes have sounded good in my Jadis in the past.
Thanks Wendell, I have a look at the RAM's site and found there are different grades for thier tubes. Could you tell me which grade did you used?
I prefer the Super Low Noise tubes.

Could anyone tell me whats "High gains" and "Matched Balanced" means when they have those choices?
for 12au7 try Philips jan 5814 and 12ax7 try RCA 5751.
Very good matching almost no noise regarding Ei and EH.

Ask Pierre Gabrriel who is the Jadis importer and has very good support.
for 12au7 best bet is e80cc, and for 12ax7 use 12bz7 same specs as 12x7 but twice the gm.