Re-tubing Audiomat Arpege. Suggestions?

I just recently bought an Audiomat Arpege (not the reference) which came with Electroharmonix 12ax7's and Mutine EL34's. I would like to experiment with tubes and would like suggestions from others. I did a search here and will do a general search on audioasylum for the EL34's but wondered if there are other Arpege owners who have found their favorites.


As far as I understand, the Arpege takes EL34's that are matched by the factory to your specific amp. I don't think that you can put just anything in there. Check with about that.
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Hi Stuart,
I have owned three (3) Audiomat Amps over the last few years, I have always prefered the stock/original power tubes to change outs with NOS units, this was with amps that used EL-34's and the one amp that uses 6550's.

A good source for service, repairs, and even purchase of original correct Audiomat replacement tubes is Nick Gowan, he can be found at It is my understanding Nick is an approved service center for Audiomat and he will give you honest opinions.

As usual, you may receive 50 different opinions,
Thanks. It seems that the consensus over on audioasylum is also that the factory tubes are the way to go. I read over there that the tubes are numbered 1-4 for the specific postition but I don't see the numbers on the sockets. Is it 1-4 left to right or right to left?
I second giving Nick a call...he knows this stuff. I think he will tell you to stick with tubes from Mutine.

on a prelude ref. or an opera it's 1-4 from left to right when you're facing the amplifier, it must be the same for the arpege.
Thanks. I didn't notice the numbering at first and by some strange luck I put them in, in sequence but from right to left. Mutine tubes it is. Any great picks for 12ax7's?
Hi Stuart,
I will also recommend you to stay with stock or MUTINE provided 12ax7 replacement tubes, and only when needed.

If my memory is correct, all my Audiomat amps ship with NOS
Sylvania 12ax7 and a Radio Tech 12au7's in the Solfege Unit.

I was able to tube roll with 1950's Mullards, 1960 Tele's, and even tried NOS Mullard Miltary Issue tubes, they will change the tone of the sound but I always went back with the tubes that shipped with the unit, it just always had the best balance sound with the stock tubes.

If your unit was purchased second hand, you may have to verify if your 12ax7's are stock or replacements.

Many folks describe these small tubes as "Preamp Tubes", my dealer explained to me these small tubes are for the amplifier section, one (1) tube is a phase inverter and the other two (2) are drivers. The Volume control is a primary passive design.

It is also my understanding these drivers/phase inverter tubes should lasts many+many years with trouble free use.

If all your tubes are stock and in great shape, I would spend any extra dollars at other parts of your system they may need upgrades and get back to just listening to music, you can spend big dollars on tubes and also many hours of your time with tube rolling in these Audiomat Amps, then find yourself right back where you started.

Again, Nick Gowen at True Sound would be the person to ask about how these amps operate, if you have the correct tubes, and any possible suggestions how to improve the performance of your system with the Arpege inserted. Nick will provide facts about these units.

Best of luck and enjoy your unit,
Thanks Steve. I did buy used and the 12ax7's that came with the amp are relatively new Electroharmonix's. I posted this because of my explorations into 12au7's with my other amp and finally found some Philips minwatt 7316's that were much better than the other 6 or 7 sets I tried (except for Siemens which were pretty close). I figure that there are better, if not different, tubes out there and was wondering what works for others. Thanks. Maybe I'll contact Mutine and ask about their stock tubes.