RE: the question: ":Why do forum interactions become contentious". . .

I've just had a very unexpected and very unpleasant PM from a forum participant. 

He'd been suggesting I buy a certain component  and I told him politely that I didn't visualize that particular purchase fitting in with my long-range plans.  

His response was to accuse me of wasting everyone's time and to call me an "effing idiot" (except he spelled "effing" correctly). 

The great majority of interactions I've had here have been very enjoyable and recent input from
more experienced forum members has helped greatly in clarifying my plan for the next upgrade cycle. 

The thread on lesser-know Jazz has been great-- lots of participation and lots of terrific suggestions. 

Nevertheless, I've decided to take a break. 

Best regards,


I guess it's something we are passionate about, but also it can become personal.  It's like asking people what is the best car, they invariably tell you it's the one they bought or whatever you do don't buy the one I bought. Either way if you ignore their advice they may well see it as a personal slight, same with hifi. But today there is just too much choice for anyone to be right about the  'best' product. I have friends who love Klipsch, I keep trying every time I get chance to listen to them with different amps etc, but they always sound bad (and that's me being diplomatic). I like McIntosh but wouldn't buy at the price  the ask. I have a friend with McIntosh / Klipsch system and avoid the whole hifi discussion. To each his own I suppose.
I've had a couple similar experiences in the forums. I'm accusing no one, but I encourage everyone to remember that passion for this hobby is not a license to treat others disrespectfully. Some people know more than others about certain things, but they are not necessarily the people who believe they know more than others.
Unfortunately that’s human nature on social media where interaction is hidden behind a keyboard.
I wonder if the interface was changed to zoom or some such where real people can be seen, behaviour would be more respectful.AG. 🇦🇺
I suspect a mass Zoom forum would still have the 'chaos factor' involved.  That, and a major 'hit' on the AG server....;)
I'm sorry this happened to you. Remember that most people are not that rude. I am also sorry about your health issues. Take a break if you want to, listen to some music. Music is the best!

Information is not knowledge.
Knowledge is not wisdom.
Wisdom is not truth.
Truth is not beauty.
Beauty is not love.
Love is not music.
Music is THE BEST.
- Frank Zappa
We'll "see" you when you come back.